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It should be going online, but they need to keep people at Cheadle Hume employed … which is how it was put to me. Now having done 2 online DBS for the church, taking an average of 6 days, from clicking ‘send’ to having the cert on the porch floor, it is much easier and shows us up for being behind the times.
I bet when we do go to online DBS HQAC manage to stuff it up with additional admin or process so it still takes weeks if not months.

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They don’t get any and there would be no funding to send them on a set of very expensive MS led courses. I know 1 or 2 that do it as their day job and their access is so limited as a Bader POC that they can’t do a lot anyway.

Yes, I appreciate that it would be expensive and that was always going to be the issue.

But even training delivered by the bader devs . . . shrug