Raf 100


But they buy them so they can impress little cadets and adults of low intelligence.


Iā€™d rather have a sword, anyone on my list will get hit with the pointy end


A bit late for RAF 100 but I watched this story on YOUTUBE. What a way to make a protest.
The Hawker Hunter Tower Bridge incident occurred on 5 April 1968[1] when Royal Air Force (RAF) Hawker Hunter pilot Alan Pollock performed unauthorised low flying over several London landmarks and then flew through the span of Tower Bridge on the Thames. His actions were to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the RAF and as a demonstration against the Ministry of Defence (Air) for not recognising it.[2]

Upon landing he was arrested and later invalided out of the RAF on medical grounds which avoided a court martial.


I saw that on You Tube as well.The RAF later exonerated him in 1982.


I think there was something on TV about it (maybe a news item. One Show, something like that?) during the 100 celebrations.



Talking of a bit late - I got a read receipt for my RAF100 email that I sent May 2018 last week - glad it was not anything too urgent!


In work i know of someone who requests read receipts on every email they send out. So i delete it before reading so they get a read receipt saying it was deleted before being read.

Its the little things that keep me sane.