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Hi, I am 14 and I have been in the ATC for about a year and I was wondering about how to be promoted to Cadet Corporal. I am First Class, and am doing my Leading Assessments tomorrow earlier than other cadets as I have self-studied at home, and hope to achieve senior cadet in the next few months. I have the blue communicattion badge, bronze first aid, blue leadership, and blue marksmanship badges. I am always down at my squadron, and my uniform score hasn’t been below 8 for a few months, and I have had some 10’s recently. I also run tuck, and help the new recruits with their uniform, and I am always at every event, or camp I can go on. I have been on ICTC on Wing Training Weekend, and have recently been asked to be a part of the banner drill team. I was wondering what I can do to get a promotion, as I feel that I would make a good edition to the NCO team, and also how do I stand out against other cadets who have been in the ATC for longer? Thanks


No harm in asking your CO what he expects and how you can go about improving.

Get involved in absolutely everything, particularly the stuff other cadets tend to avoid, for example bag packs.

Continue bettering yourself by doing courses similar to the ones you have mentioned above. Put your name down for a JNCO course.


When selecting cadets for promotion i look for cadets that are showing leadership qualities…they may not be practicing them but have shown the ability to potentially deliver them when needed.

They have the correct deportment. They carry them selves the right way. They should focus on how they come across. Not only in drill but all the time.

Uniform and drill needs to be of a high standard as junior cadets should look up to the NCO team as something to aim for so they should be demonstrating the correct behaviours.

Its great that you are achieving lots shows you are keen and embracing the full cadet experience. Speak ro your CO about your desire to become a NCO ask for feedback (its a gift, even if its something that might hurt your feelings a little, but use it as an opportunity to develop.) Ask your OC for some targets to aim for that you and the OC think are achievable.


You have achieved a lot in a very short space of time so well done. To me it sounds like you’re doing all the right things so there is not a lot to add to what has been said by others. One thing that could help you is to start helping the recruits around you, not by barking orders but more about taking the lead and giving them advice etc. It’s all about doing the right thing when nobody’s looking as your staff will be watching. Good luck.


To add to my earlier post -

Don’t become too fixated on getting promoted. It is great to have ambitions and goals, that’s healthy, but don’t become fixated to the point that you forget to enjoy being a cadet with little to none responsibility.

You’re still young and have a long way to go.


@Valiant is on the money.
I would add that having acquired badges going on courses etc etc is not pre-cursor to promotion.
Promotion is far more esoteric.
The problem with courses etc is that a cadet A might be better placed to do them, whereas cadet B for any number of reasons can’t but is equal in many other ways. On paper cadet A is the better prospect but cadet B gets promoted as they have something about them that makes them a better bet for promotion. That is how vague promotion can be.


Hi, thank you all for your replies. I hope to go on the next JNCO course next Wing Training Weekend, and I am frequently helping the recruits with their uniform, drill, etc. Is there anything I can do to stand put against other cadets who have been in the corps of longer than I have?


Keep doing as your doing.

People say it isn’t time served, but if those cadets that have been in longer have done the same amount of activities as you, then they will likely be promoted if they show the same if not more leadership qualities.

As I say you’re very young and still have a long way to go. When I was a cadet (not that long ago), I was promoted to Corporal at 16, I had been a cadet for three years and was a senior cadet. Sergeant at 17, Flight Sergeant at 18. There is no rush. Everyone advances at different paces and there is a lot more to this organisation than the rank you hold. Badges on a brassard don’t neccessarily reflect someones leadership potential. I have seen some excellent cadets in terms of qualifications that were hopeless NCOs and vice versa.

Bottom line is that if you focus on delevoping yourself and being a good squadron team player, it will come in good time and at the right time. Trust me when I say that us staff notice effort and determination. We know when a cadet is ready.


Thank You all for your replies! It has been very helpful! :wink::+1:


Keep plugging away.As has been said promotion isnt everything(though nice when it happens).It doesnt always go on seniority either,Just like in real life it should be the best person for the job.I had a situation about 5 years ago when I was setting up and effectively overhauling the entire NCO team on a sqn that was a mess.I promoted three keen but young cadets to Cpl.One of the old stagers came and asked me why.When I gave him my answer-which tbh I didnt have to.He totally lost it I mean really badly.At that point I looked at him and said"theres your reason".He did some years on get to cpl but only when I thought he had earned it and deserved it.


Check some of the other threads on this topic - there are literally hundreds if you search Corporal. To be honest it’s probably the largest section of topics on the forum about the same thing… Don’t get too over excited about promotion though - the responsibilities that come with it do come as a shock to other new NCOs I’ve seen.
Good Luck


Given the number of threads that come up on this topic.
Does no one explain that promotion is not an exact science, anywhere. You could be the best person on paper, most experienced, qualified etc, but that doesn’t mean you will get it.


Ironically enough, that’s said in pretty much every thread on the topic…


Whenever we talk about promotion at the squadron it’s always in that way, which makes me wonder what people do say. I would never say to a youngster if you want to get promoted you have to do …, as I know that’s not how it works.


Hi there! I am only a LCpl at my CCF (yeah, CCF actually bothers to further subdivide the Cpl rank) so I guess I’m hardly more qualified to speak, but I’ll give it my best shot!

Firstly, congrats on doing your Leading so quickly. I have only just done mine and am now working on Senior; I wish some of the Cdts in my Flight actually showed such initiative! However, promotion is not like a qualification (e.g. badges); you don’t get one for ‘ticking all the boxes’ etc. Character is arguably even more important; while badges might help to give you some credibility esp in front of the new entrants in the ATC they aren’t the be all and end all be any stretch of the imagination. I only have my Leading qualification and a DofE Silver qualification (now working for Gold) but had neither when I received my promotion to LCpl. So I think (as with most section officers) showing optimism and initiative is far more important.

I am trying to aim for a promotion to Cpl / Sgt soon as well; best of luck in yours!