Progressive Training Badges


Yay more waiting !!!

Have HQAC even produced all the various badges yet?


Quite a large number of them, yes I don’t have a current status update though, but GreenFrog Promotions (who are making the badges) publish updates occasionally.


So are GreenFrog making these badges for both HQAC and Cadet Direct?

If so no wonder we haven’t got enough badges.


I imagine CD are making their own copies, but I don’t actually know.


So it might end up with everyone ordering badges from CD whilst greenfrog and HQAC catch up! :joy:


The new Comms Badges were all released at once and the syllabus for Comms hasn’t changed at all in the new system, my old Wing certainly had cadets wearing Bronze & Silver Comms Badges as far back as last summer, possibly even Spring. The only thing that’s new is the Cyber badges which were added in Feb, before that cadets wore the coloured Comms Badges for both disciplines and it was only at Gold you got a different Badge.


Interesting… thanks.


Is this where we’re headed?..




Yes, yes we are!
Distract the cadets with badges and maybe no one will notice the execution of the grand master plan!


We’ll get to wear medals?!? Cool!!

In all seriousness, though - I was a scout for over 10 years. Even their badges were worth more than the blue new ones.


They won’t like the sash though.


…unless you have done a DI course :sunglasses:


Maybe DIs could have sashes the width changing depending on which course they’ve done,


Anyone pointed out that there aren’t actually any things that you couldn’t previously get a badge for (except for cyber, which does seem a little unnecessary to me)?


What about the leadership, pre DofE and heartstart?


I actually like the concept of the blue badges (except the shooting - I think that is unnecessarily complicated!).

My cadets have reacted positively to the Comms and Leadership badges. I think with the amount of radio and leadership activities we run, It’s nice to have some formal way of displaying that they are competent.

I do wish that the issuing of badges was automatic, though! The administration of the whole thing, on top of the admin we already have to get on with, is a royal pain in the hoop!


Badges for leadership, first aid and DofE already existed.


Does anyone know what their logic (or lack of) was when they decided to shrink the DofE badges AND put them on the brassard instead of the jumper shoulder patch?


My understanding is that HRH the Duke of Edinburgh was inspecting a parade of air cadets on a hot day (2A) and asked why he saw so few DofE badges…



…what i heard was he saw this photo (taken at the 75th anniversary parade at RIAT)

and questioned why no one had a DofE badge.

in reaction as part of the badge revisit they moved it to the Brassard so would be worn all year round