Its already been done but no comment from the WWO


Out of sheer morbid curiosity, what was the cadets “infraction”?


Such people stick together, they know that an attack on one is an attack on all - thats why you need to bring out the big guns: class hatred.

It’s the key to winning any fight within the armed forces - if your target is an Officer you use the SNCO’s as the weapon, if it’s an SNCO you use Officers.


Cadet Sgt was on way to lay a wreath (sqn had been split all over the place) and gets their shirt damaged, parents decide best course of action is too get a new shirt, knew the staff were no where near the sqn but at other parades. They go buy a shirt as near as they can get on a Sunday morning… it was short sleeve light blue with buttons on the collar, cadet is pictured in the local press showing a great double page picture of the cadet laying a wreath but the jumper never hid the shirt… snot nosed SNCO sees the picture and sends an email.

email asks why the shirt… OC explained… that should of been the end of the matter…

Nope, email response with phrases of embarrassment to the wing, have the cadet demoted are being demanded… I have seen the picture it wasn’t uniform but it was fine and given they were the only cadet it was not as if they stood out

the OC gave me a call to confirm their understanding, they will be responding copying in OC wing, CACWO and anyone else they can think of along with attaching the numerous pictures of same SNCO posing wearing No5s with hat indoors in a selfie, carrying pacestisks on parades, pictures of them on field craft with no RAFAC identifiers on their MTP just SNCO tapes and asking shall you be resigning then??

utterly pathetic!


There are some utter cretins in this Organisation I’m afraid.

My response to said NCO not from my unit would be “WTF has it got to do with you?”


Sounds like the cadet was in a no-win scenario and made the best of it.

They’ll add it to the WWO conf rogues gallery but hopefully with an explanation. I’m not sure there was a better solution given what has been said. Option B would have been to switch to smart civvies.


I’m just wondering how badly you have to damage a shirt for it to be visible under a jumper and necessitate a replacement.

Not criticising the cadet in question just curious.


Comments like that are not acceptable and I would complain above their head. The cadet and their parents tried their best. The only alternative would be parading with a damaged shirt or not laying any wreath at all. Personally I think the course taken was the right one. Whoever is making such demands is an embarrassment to your wing, not the cadet!


wow - someone thinks alot of themselves.

the only people who would notice buttons on the collar would be those in the know…who are also the ones in the know that RAFAC supply is at the bottom of the list.

Was this a deliberate act? Yes
Was it avoidable? arguably not
Is it worth getting over excited about once explanation known? certainly not.

with the various examples listed, sounds like a case of do as i say not as a do…!


I would promote him, put a picture on Facebook (wearing his new shirt and no jumper) and tag the oxygen thief in it.

To be fair i would have responded to my WWO if they had emailed asking (and that would have been the end of it), if it was an NCO (or officer for that matter) from another squadron they would have been told to wind it back in with no explanation and copy in the sector commander and WWO in my response.


I second that…also im fairly confident reprimanding the cadet in that manner would not fall into the guidance laid down in the code kf conduct.


I am not too sure either it did cross my mind


Many years ago I was attending a conference at Sandhurst. Before the dinner a cadet band performed Beating Retreat. One of the cadets was wearing a non regulation skirt. After the display the band master reported to General Kiszley and explained that the regulation skirt was not available for the cadet and hoped that he would make allowances for the fact. General Kiszley answered that he had no problem with that and he would have been most upset if the young cadet had been allowed to parade with her friends. That is humanity, we are dealing with young people, sometimes people forget that.


Shouldn’t be wearing a skirt whilst marching in a band :wink: - but ACP633 won’t have existed then.




Ah. Fair enough.


Appalled isn’t really strong enough, but there are children present. I’ve always had a nasty habit of reminding the pacestick warriors of their transgressions even in the old days when they had to wear berets when not in No1s. Even pulled up the previous CACWO for wearing the DJM before the “vesting” date. They’re not gods & need reminding the rules apply to them as well. Grips my when I see stuff like this.


Behaviour like this from this breed of mouth-breathing, window-lickers, absolutely boils my urine. I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why they feel the rules apply to others and not to them. IMHO, they aren’t fit to serve in any sort of uniform and if anyone from HQAC reads these boards, then they need to get a grip of the situation.

If they don’t or are unwilling to stand up and be counted, then they are part of the problem. Sadly, this problem is endemic throughout the Corps and I can’t help but wonder if the highest echelons actively encourage these morons to behave in the manner that they do.


Oh boy.

But I totally agree with you.


Who else thinks pacesticks are just completely pointless? They are just there to make insecure SNCO’s think they are better than every other individual.

Not once have I seen a DI open the pace stick and use it as a training aid. Time to get rid?

Also, I’ve never seen a cadet march a full 30inch pace, so what’s the point? they are designed for regular personnel