Out Ranking


Part of that is to guard against this exact scenario, as you may have students who are CWOs being looked after by a QAI who is a Sgt for example. It is also made clear at the start of the course that if anyone tried to pull rank on a QAI (or another student), they would be;
A) a bit of a throbber
B) on the next train home.


To be fair, i operate the same policy when on AT. It allows natural leadership skills and qualities to develop without being overshadowed by forced and artificial squadron centric appointed leaders destroying the party!!!

That goes for staff too! :wink:


I certainly remember the SWO in my basic training saying “I calls you ‘Sir’ 'cause I have to, you calls me ‘Sir!’ 'cause you (expletive deleted) well means it!”

I wonder where WO O’Leary ended up.


We have the same ruling on my AEF. Staff cadets have more authority over visiting cadets and staff irrespective of rank as they are working and have more knowledge of how we operate.

As long as they are polite when ‘re-aligning’ visitors, then I have no issue. If said visitor becomes a ham shanker then I deal with it. I’ve re-educated a few barky Sqn Ldrs and Wing Commanders in my time.