No 8 Rifle Safety Case


Ditto. Ours are long gone.


(30 Jun 2018 for new DIN)

When the first endex for the No 8 was announced, I made a bet to myself that it would be at least another 2 yrs in service… I might have to revise my bet to extend the date further…

All this was very predictable & avoidable.


All ours are gone :frowning: Replaced by shiny new L144 :slight_smile:


…until rust gets to them…


because you didn’t oil them.

I was surprised by how much cleaning the pamphlet reckons they need.


Probably because the pamphlet was written by some SASC moron and not someone who actually understands the world of small-bore rifle shooting.


Probably because they are cheap steel barrels? How often do Anschutz barrels require cleaning, let alone oiling…??

Go cheap, pay the consequences.

New .22 rifle problem?

I got to do the WHT for the L98 without having fired anything else. Just have to fire an air rifle now and then I can actually use it.


You have to attain trained shot, not just fire it…


‘Twas a figure of speech.