Multi coloured unit identifiers?


Didn’t he have a farm??

Lucky you. We get:





Lol… Well done.


I’ve not really followed this thread, but it’s been a week now, has OC1475 been hung, drawn and quartered yet?


Not yet, they are trying to decide what colour rope to use!!


Blue and gold two strand obviously? Let the punishment fit the crime.


He says, whilst spelling McDonald’s incorrectly.


Yes, the irony!


Not just colour, looks like a few meetings needed.

The squadron will have to buy the rope as well, HQAC haven’t got money for rope … old or new.


Is there a specification for axes? There should be one for a sword though.


We could borrow a mess Webley…?



Problem with lending someone a mess webley is that they don’t return it.

On a more serious note, would we like to see more freedom in identification badges? So like this Squadron Squadron Colours? Or as at least 1 Squadron I know who have an exemption Roman Numerals.


Personally, I don’t see why not. I think it’s a good opportunity for a unit to express their individuality whilst in blues, yet retaining the overall ‘look’ of the RAF uniform. After all, we have badges of all colours stitched a few centimetres lower - what difference can it make?


Not sure you could fit MMCDLXVIII on a brassard…


I’ve seen longer CCF identifiers



Or is that already a Welsh CCF unit?


Wasn’t saying compulsory, but if you could should you be allowed to?


Anyone noticed 1358c now specifies colours for ID Badges?


The sqn who published their multi colour id badges are in the region of the WO who writes the regs, so a learning i guess.

Was there any fall out from the original twitter post/ are ths multi coloured ones still in use…just out of interest


I’m not sure, if I’m honest - I know a couple of people there (I’m also London wing), I’ll ask and see