Laptop Security


Do Chromebooks work ok with Ultilearn? I’m looking to purchase some new laptops so Cadets can do exams without having to bring their own to the Sqn… trying to get best value for money… just wondering if you’ve had any experience with using them? Thx.


Other than ultilearn itself not being the best, we’ve had no issues at all. Been using them for at least 6 months, recently doubled the number we have.


Thank you


I’m guessing the only issue would be slight formatting issues when opening the powerpoints etc.


Powerpoint can be an issue with Linux.
Well, not linux itself specifically, but with the various free Office compatible programs such as WPS Office, Open Office, LibreOffice, &c.
Whilst perfectly workable as an MS Office alternative on their own, I’ve found that when opening PowerPoint presentations slide animations and occasionally general formatting often doesn’t work correctly.


yet another reason why I’d love HQAC to do proper e-learning with all the content in the browser . . .


Yeah animations and text fading don’t tend to work across platforms :sob:

That’ll be the day…


if the scouts can manage it . . .


noun a risky or daring journey or undertaking.
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Tried the RPi - but too slow for much of what we do, even the new version.


The lottery have now changed the way they operate. They now have teams of two or four people who are responsible for a given area.

The way forward is to contact them and discuss what you want funded and why, they will then advise you if your scheme is likely to get funding support or not,

The KEY question you will be asked is “how many people will benefit from any lottery funding?”. if you are an average size squadron then you will probably be saying 20 - 60 people . Frankly that WONT be funded as there is not enough ( any ??) benefit to the wider community in buying computers and software, you might get a more positive response for first aid training gear but only if you offered FA training to the wider community around the squadron,

So before you get to far down the road talk to your local lottery people, you will find that they usually live in the area they work in, so local, and are very approachable, and it saves you a pile of paperwork. You can now longer use third parties to submit applications on your behalf.

If they agree that your scheme may be able to be funded then its a lot simpler paperwork wise but they may well want to visit the squadron to go through things and to have a look at the numbers who may benefit.

Good luck, keep us updated on how you get on,




On the subject of grants etc, get in touch with local Rotary, Lions, Roundtable etc and see if the Mayor has a charity fund and if there are any developments (engineering, housing etc) going on in your local area.
The first group are good to make contact with as they can be good for a regular ‘donation’ and being local are also good to have contact with, and, the second ones have a pot of money as a sweetener for local groups, to make up for months or years of lorries etc clogging up roads and chucking crap all over the place. Also if you have any local large “industry” bodies can be good for a tap.
We’ve got a road widening and 2 major housing developments happening in the next 18 months or so and have applications already prepped to go. No idea what for yet, but I will take their money.