Lack of AEF for NI and NW England


I didn’t say there aren’t places to go, just that the RAF wouldn’t pay for them to go.


And you know that how? when you think of the capital incoming for the land.


Because it hasn’t yet.
If it was worth that much, it would have already gone.

It hasn’t, so let’s enjoy it.


Right. The airfield is owned by DIO.

If DIO decide to sell they would have to pay for the relocation. DIO has no money.

If the RAF decide to move the units based there then the RAF have to pay for the move. The RAF has no money.

Harwarden doesn’t have the infra to house the 2 UAS’, the AEF and the Aux units, no hangarage or accommodation. Plus as Harwarden is in Wales, what would be the point of putting 2 UAS units from Manchester and Liverpool there? All this costs money. There is no money!!

Liverpool is too expensive and again, has no infra to support. Blackpool isn’t a viable option either.

Warton wants paying for the use of its facilities and obtaining security clearance would be a nightmare.

They were all looked at as part of a temp detachment during the flying pause at Woodvale.

This has been discussed several times over at various points in this thread.

Linton is closing probably as it can be relocated to Valley as they have the capacity. Plus it keeps BFJT and AFJT together.

bob obviously want his AEF to be done 10 mins from his ATC unit so that when the weather is bad he can walk home!


Nothing is certain in an uncertain world and the MOD is an uncertain world.

A housing estate, imported car store, rubbish collection depot, industrial units, prison … the list is is endless.

One of my cousins worked at a factory where the company invested £5 million in new plant in the 90s and 2 years later promptly closed the site and moved overseas, after nearly 80 years on the site. The site lay derelict for 7/8 years and then became a housing estate and is still growing. The MOD is no different. If they get another touch from the government about saving money, easy thing is to consolidate things and sell off valuable land and real estate. So while there is a list of reasons why not, it could become meaningless in the blink of an eye.


no they don’t, they operate from Glasgow airport… MUCH busier…


Indeed I was incorrect, have operated through both of them over the years and only a few miles from each other.

Prestwick was the RN base.


Is it 100% owned by DIO, from what I head they thought they owned Sealand, got rid of the gliding school and tried to sell the land, it wasnt theirs to sell, it was gifted to the RAF by a land owner there during the war with the ruling of as long as there was a need for an airfield it was the RAF’s as soon as it wasn’t it was to be returned to the owners estate…

Only what I heard so im not 100% sure on this myself


On a side note I do believe they have started work on the Runway last week…


As have I, although March and June are months I’ve heard floating about. Yet to see it tapped in sand stone yet :rofl:


I can confirm they are currently digging up the runway at Woodvale


More likely removing the snow lol


Very cynical.

No snow at Woodvale.


No flying either. What type of comment was expected when Air Cadets have cut flying to.the bone.


Do we really need to go through all this again!!


Off topic but I was at Woodvale fairly recently and was curious if there’s any hard accommodation for cadets there? The whole place seemed pretty bleak and empty to me :joy:


Nope there isn’t but there is a nice hotel at the golf course around the corner.


If you make contact with SHQ there is the facility to accommodate cadets short term.