Lack of AEF for NI and NW England


Shame they couldn’t use an official email address :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good point. Wonder where that will fall under the new GDPR rules???


because we dont have an air cadet one that the OIC flight staff has access to and i’m most certainly not putting my MOD email address on a public forum


If only there was a generic bader email account attached to 10 AEF…



It would be wise not to single out members of the forum for abuse. Especially rare members from AEFs. I think having a varied membership is good, please try not to push people out!

If you’re that concerned, maybe be productive and PM a member or speak to the AEF directly.


It is frustrating though that while there are BADER user accounts for AEFs, they don’t usually have access to them or any training in how to use e.g. Sharepoint to answer the questions they have. I do end up fielding a lot of questions which they could answer if they had access; and units often have difficulty contacting the AEF when they could use the BADER emails.

That said, having sat down with an AEF OC and looked at MOSS with him, I can see why they wouldn’t want to be using multiple systems. (Any more than CCF do. Another discussion!)


any questions you have regarding flying should be fed through your WAvos in the first instance.


Who know as much as most others do nil.


Anybody had an update on the status of Woodvale/10 AEF recently? It had all gone quiet from the official CoC…


If they haven’t done any work on the runway then no AEF.


No change as of yet.


The work to the runway is happening but I don’t have a completion date let alone FOC date yet.


Good news as it’s one of the few RAF bases on the west coast of the UK along with Valley.


Cheers all for the answer! Thought as much!


New AEF in NI will start soon…!


Again, though, ‘soon’ rather than a date yet! Great news, though.


10AEF reporting on Twitter that runway repairs start Monday …


Did staff hear about this internally beforehand or was it only announced today?


I was told this morning in a meeting with The Staish


Excellent news. If not a moment too soon.