Lack of AEF for NI and NW England


10AEF reporting on Twitter that runway repairs start Monday …


Did staff hear about this internally beforehand or was it only announced today?


I was told this morning in a meeting with The Staish


Excellent news. If not a moment too soon.


If the runways is being repaired then this is normal RAF precursor for the station to be closed…


they will only be repairing it in anticipation of it being completely refurbished in 2 months time and only then will they close it…


Have they started?

It is Monday, unless they didn’t specify which Monday.


They obviously meant Monday 23rd, 2381.


Oh dear. Thou art the voice of doom


I haven’t been in the office yet.

I’ll be back in on Sunday so I will let you know.


Or reality, but where it is, it would make a for a very large housing estate, new rail station direct into either Liverpool or Southport, what’s not to like.


Not as easy as HMG think, though - they’ve not won the battle over Chalgrove yet despite handing it to the HCA!

The second battle of Chalgrove, of course:


Or, given where it is, a new golf course…


Where it is there are golf courses on all sides except in the Mersey estuary, but houses provide members for the golf courses. The local authority plan could swing it, nice area local council being rabidly red would come into play here.


But then, if they lost the airfield, Greg Norman wouldn’t have anywhere to park his Gulfstream the next time the open is at Birkdale, as happened while I was UAS there.


Personally I don’t think it would every happen for several reasons I cannot and will not discuss here.

There is a rail service that goes into Southport and Liverpool. I would’t want to build on an area that has had a rabbit warren on it for at least 150 years (it stretches from Formby to the outskirts of Southport beach) and where the ground is made up of 90% sand.


And, according to wild (and most likely completely made up) rumours, has crated up Spitfires buried under the airfield…


Ha Ha. Never heard that one. Best get my shovel out!


It’s an old Pprune favourite.


You ever been to Dubai, areas I know that were sand and desert twenty years ago are now full of multistory buildings and a brand ewish airport at Jebel Ali, Dubai World airport.

The asbestos problem should have been resolved by now as it’s still an operational airfield.

The only reason for keeping the airfield under RAF control is that it is a handy stopping off point for NI, handy for Altcar training area, not that they couldn’t build a large pad and infrastruture there. the lack of an RAF presence has never been any reason not to close an airfield.