L144A1 butt adjustment


Yep, it’s an invidious position to be in - d@mned if you do - might have the rifle(s) taken off you - & d@mned if you don’t - the numerous issues won’t get sent up to the Ivory Towers.

My position would be to report EVERYTHING. It is essential that the weaknesses of the L144 are logged.


^ This. You must report defects with the weapon.


The thing that really strikes me as ridiculous is that the old (perfectly serviceable) rifle was withdrawn before the replacement was fully-ready and tested.


You are lucky you had as long with it as you did. I haven’t fired a No.8 in about 8 years.


The NO 8 hasn’t been withdrawn by HQAC that was a decision made by the RAF Armaments officers.

To answer the OP the butt falling apart has been identified as a manufacturing issue and is on the MOD document which lists all the issues and fixes that have been reported. It’s floating about at the moment. The issue was that they weren’t cleaning the swarf away correctly after drilling the hole so the glue wasn’t sticking. That and in some cases they didn’t use enough glue.


complete the training last year yes one of the rifles butts came fully out, combine with the fact that on some rifles the even after tightening all the adjust screws on the rear sight the eye piece is still lose.
Agree the new rifle are not going to last more than few years, most civvies that hold target rifle once removed from arms cabinet place them in a transit case which hold all the ancillaries on the range taken out sights add etc rifle left then place on open case.
As for the No8 0.22 if they are sold onto civvy street they will outlast the L144, interesting there is a company out there that still makes all the parts for the old lee enfield 0.303 rifle so spare for ours should not have been a problem.


Been told our No8s are being cut up.


I’ll try & get back onto the MoD Wpns disposal sponsor; it would be a crying shame if civilians couldn’t buy them - it would also get a few ££ back into the coffers.