Clearing out the attic I came across my AF1033 of kit I was issued when I joined the ACF in 1971. I wonder how it compares with today’s issue?
1 x Set No5 Dress (BD) 1 x Pair Braces
3 x Shirts KF 1 x Tie
1 X Beret with Badge 2 x Set badges of rank
1 x Set Collar Dogs 1 x Button Stick
1 x Web Belt 1 x Pair Puttees
1 x Jersey Lt Wt 2 x Pairs Boots DMS
3 X Pairs Sock 1 x Pair Gym Shoes
1 x Great Coat 1 x Set OGDenims
3 X Hand Towels 2 x Bath Towels
3 x Set OD Cotton Cellular Underwear 1 x Jack Knife
1 x Pair Woolen Gloves 1 x Shoulder Titles Holdall Kit Bag

as cadet or staff?

PS loving the towels

As a Sergeant Instructor. The Underwear packets were still unopened.

would that have made you a Sgt instructor in the Commandos??


Or the more sneakily ambiguous “commando instructor”…


Today’s issue is:

1 x Cap badge
1 x Rank slide
1 x Belt, working
1 x Regimental headdress
2 x Jacket Combat MTP Lightweight
1 x Smock Combat MTP Windproof
2 x Socks, GS
2 x Trouser Combat MTP Temperate
2 x T-Shirt
1 x Thermal Undershirt
1 x Pair of boots. I believe the current ones are Kombat Christmas Cracker Specials.