Is this normal for a CCF?

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Ikr breaking the bank there.
But still tho £100 quid for 10 cadets is a lot considering the fact we already had packed lunch.
Although you could argue about the quality of the packed lunches…
Ahem Pickle and cheese sandwiches Ahem

The real world doesn’t have “RAF credit cards” but if you have evidence of a misappropriation of school/CCF funds report it to HQAC

Also your note around all he does is admin… Admin is now a full time job in this organisation so don’t hold that against him

CCF is a very dodgey place.

I believe they follow CCF regs over HQAC regs which is STUPID!

Past CCF I was in, Staff always did classes and dragged them out so I went through and did all the way up to masters on my own.

I was a cadet who knew drill so I took the flight and did it correctly by the book. My RAF Section Sqn Ldr was decent and did his job great etc etc, and we had a Flt Lt who was just straight useless and complained about me wearing a stable belt!!! Like I’m following regs not your silly rules… I went to the Contingent OC and reported it and never had issues again.

As regards to spending money, the Section OC has bought us all maccies but that was for winning the AST and got to Nationals. But purpose of funds is to benefit cadets so it can be argued.

Sadly the case with CCF is most of the time it’s Officer led, Since NCOS and SNCOs are feild promoted rather than having to do courses, so they hardly know anything properly.

Ifend out, Join a Sqn it SHOULD all carry across if done correctly.

Not unusual. Rare certainly but does happen.

Nothing wrong with cheese and pickle as a filling, are you really expecting smoked salmon and cream cheese with a dill and cucumber garish?

It is well known “horror bags” (Mess packed lunches) are not going to win awards but its free so provided its edible and meets either religious or allergy (and arguably vegan etc preference) you’ve little to complain about

You do get GPC cards issued out by station finance offices.

But you’re right, in any case, misappropriation of funds is a serious allegation.

I’m guessing the RAF Credit card is a school expenses card, I know that depending on the circumstances it wouldn’t be outside of policy for me to use the one I have to buy dinner for the cadets.
As for the rest, do you have any other CFAVs or just the one staff member?

I have no idea what this is.

If you believe this is the case, you must report it, as it is fraud and misappropriation.

Unless an internal school finance arrangement.

In which case… rich peeps be being rich.

True, I agree the sandwiches arent too bad provided you have someone to trade stuff with, and is probably extremely cost effective.

We do have a second, but she scarcely does anything. She does attend more or less every other week, but all she has ever done is helped with sorting uniform, and considering that there are only 12 cadets and all our kit is hand me downs, I doubt it’s a full time thing.

Some of this does sound worrying at face value (though actually not the ‘RAF credit card’ - as there is no such thing, he can only be spending school money which is between him and your school to sort out). That said, I’ve been on ACC long enough to take some of the CCF-bashing with a pinch of salt.

Does your TEST sergeant visit regularly? Have you spoken to them discreetly about it? That would be a good starting point.

Nothing wrong with this assuming the credit card is actually for a private account for the school. I wouldn’t make this a weekly habit but we always do this say when bringing cadets back from a competition.

I could never persuade the school to give me one… always have to claim it back afterwards! But not that unusual. We always do McDs on the way back from RAST for example - it’s a long day!

Not sure @Paracetamol this is really Rich people being Rich. Otherwise we’d stop at a nice restaurant…


It’s a card held by an org. Purely for expenses.

Dont know of many ATC units with this!

Cant wait for CCF reforms.

In fairness what I would really like are some of the laxness and benefits the CCF have to come to the ATC.

Such as TEST Sgts per unit to do all that pesky admin.

“We would have been able to deliver activities for the cadets if it wasnt for that pesky admin”

About 1/3 of a TEST Sgt per unit. What admin are you thinking of? The stuff they do for us is done by your WExO…

That’s a joke right.
I would settle for a TEST sgt between 3 units.

I’m taking a lot of this with a pinch of salt because you’re a cadet, please don’t take that as a dig because it isn’t. I just feel cadets don’t see the full picture and some staff can appear to do very little but in fact they’re working hard behind the scenes to keep things running.

As Cadets, have you tried speaking to your NCOs and staff team to discuss activities that you would like to do or vented how you feel? An open discussion is always a good starting point.

Yea, I do agree with this. I do reckon our OC does work really hard, but 90% don’t know the first thing about aircraft reccie, general knowledge etc., And yet have been on multiple camps, gained their part 2 and been ranked to seargent. I do feel so sorry for all the OCs out there having to deal with us, but what can we do?