I am getting triggered by this one thing

same thing

I thought officers pronounced it the “nayf-eye”


Yes and clearly have never spent a day serving in the forces as pointed out there’s no right or wrong what your NAAFI is called, tuck, tuck shop, shop etc as long as cadets know what it’s called most old hands like me call it NAAFI as even today shops on bases are still called it even if the shop is a Tesco, spar etc as it saves from lks from saying I’m.off to the Spar when the shop is indeed run by TESCO etc

NAAFI break
NAAFI bird

Also called ‘The colonel’ in the army, as in Colonel Gaddafi…NAAFI


Trust me, there are far more important things to worry about in life. Don’t let this be one of them!

Not really a reasonable request. NAAFI is a recognised term and is used throughout the UK Forces, even though the NAAFI itself no longer exists as an entity. You are probably actually in the minority calling it a canteen. I rarely hear anyone using that term!

omg I am getting roasted for something that is meant to be taken lightly… I didn’t mean for this to be hurtful, in fact I don’t see chaps how you can actually take offence to this, however If I did offend you I am sorry