Gliding "paused"


Unfortunately, this is getting more & more expensive, with few airlines offering a direct entry path of any kind (even via scholarships). The “pay your own rating / trg” route is becoming more & more common.


Things can only get better!


You have to be an optimist.


We’re not a charity!:wink:


Some may find one of the Masters Commendations for Flight Operations of interest.


Interesting, but not surprising.
In 2009 the masters commendation was awarded to the ‘Air Cadet Organisation’

I always think it’s best to recognise the efforts of the collective rather than an individual at the helm? VGS staff have been through a lot over the last few years, and perhaps the award should’ve gone to ‘Air Cadet Gliding’ ???


Come and join the Air Scouts. Wink wink

I had my scouts flying this weekend on a camp with navigation, weather training and making chuck gliders. Great fun. £40 a head. Got an Air day coming where they will fly again.

It is a shame that politics always gets in the way.


Comdt 2FTS (Gp Capt Middleton) has retired and is now officially out of post. OC 3FTS will be covering in the interim until a replacement is in the door.

Announcement/ leaving message on sharepoint:

_Dear All _

_This is the last e mail I will send in my capacity as Commandant 2 FTS. In my 52nd year of RAF service I have now crossed the finish line on a fantastic RAF career. You may wish to note transitional arrangements are well in hand for my DDH duties to be handled by Commandant 3FTS Gp Capt Moriarty and the day to day running of 2 FTS by Wg Cdr Tim Wilson. On all matters please contact Wg Cdr Willson in the first instance. _

_To reflect for a few moments on my time in Command I have experienced every possible emotion- the good, bad and ugly. I have had exciting times balanced with frustrating and disappointing times. On balance when I look at the score card, I leave with good memories and many instances of fun and meeting dedicated volunteers and impressive cadets. Those who know me well, are aware I wear my heart on my sleeve and it would be wrong not to say I also leave with a hint of disappointment. _

_My personal view I leave 2 FTS in a good position to move the wider cadet aviation experience forward. We have a robust glider recovery plan costed and with budgetary commitment. A fully integrated fleet management and op delivery plan. This is equally supported by a costed and endorsed infra plan. The future is exciting with a wider cadet aviation offer, the potential for a new platform to deliver cadet aviation and additional activity to streamline contracts particularly in the support arena. To close I would like to thank you all, permenant staff, CFAVS and cadets for whatever contribution you have made to make my life in post as easy as possible. _

_I wish you all well in your future endeavours and leave you with one parting comment. It will only be the delivery of the wider cadet aviation offer, in all its disciplines eg space, cyber, AR, Synthetics (Air and Ground), Drones etc, that will perpetuate the light blue of the air cadets and it full association with its sister Service the Royal Air Force - without aerospace we are merely a cadet force and will lose our air identity. _

_As to my future watch this space!!! _

_Regards to all _
John Middleton


So if he started at 18 years old plus 52 years of service that make him 70 years old. Interesting.


Lots of politico management BS in there.
Nothing to say he made a mahoosive mess and he’s sorry for stopping gliding and then mismanaging in the worst possible manner getting gliding back for 4½ years, while pocketing huge wads of taxpayers cash, bolstering his pension. That would have gone down better than that claptrap.


I thought he must be including his time as an Air Cadet in that. But I may be wrong


Nope he really is that old


Met this guy just once.It was more than enough.Arrogant and conceited doesnt even cover it.As to his praise of volunteers and cadets.I find that hard to believe.My experience of him was it was all about him.I cant say im sad to see him go.
Im just glad that I never had to serve under him in my regular days.


Of course he praises us, we extended his pension pot by another 15 or more years … he’s laughing all the way to the bank.
The worry is,

As to my future watch this space!!!

perhaps someone somewhere thinks he’s worth hanging onto in some other cadet related role as they believe his BS.


Does 2FTS need an honorary president?


He’s running for the US mid terms. He has EXACTLY the right personality and characteristics to fit right in.


Didn’t he write off 4 Tornado F3’s as OC 25 Sqn by insisting that they be fitted with the wrong fuel tanks for a training sortie - wing stresses all wrong, aircraft landed and the SENGO wrote them off on the spot?

Maybe that’s why CAC stuck with him even when it became obvious that he was a complete moron as well as a total morale vacuum - to make her look good?


If this is true it backs the old adage they promote people away from or put them in positions where they can do no damage … or in this case, for us, unfortunately not.


"Serco subcontracted work to Marshall. They have not recovered any airframes and given up on that task. Babcock subcontracted the recovery of the gliders to Southern Sailplanes Ltd. Southern Sailplanes has so far delivered most of the total of 46 gliders expected to come back into service.

So something of a result there? Sadly not: Serco currently manages to keep available for flying around a dozen of those forty or so gliders. The BGA advises that its gliding clubs regularly achieve close to 100% glider fleet availability.

You have to ask why it is that the MoD and its contractors have failed to get the motorgliders, currently in storage at Little Rissington, back into the air."

Excerpt from Pilot magazine editorial. I hope someone asks CAC…


Tweet her with a link to the reference. I think we’d all be interested in her answer.

If she had one.