Gliding "paused"


But that contract won’t be managed in any part by anyone in HQAC.

It doesn’t get away from the fact that powered flying should be outsourced to private flying clubs and similarly gliding.

The greater distance we create between us and the RAF, the better the experience the cadets will get. In all areas when I speak to people in Scouting they seem to have greater freedom to explore all avenues for things to do. I’m not really sure the RAF (ignoring “young Mr Grace” comments from those with lots of braid) wants the 40000 or so cadets and staff, as since the RAF has shrunk, we have become proportionately more demanding. The response to this is put more and more restrictions/conditions in place. The references to Haddon-Cave are a sad indictment of this thinking, and as a result we are well along the road to impotency as a dynamic youth organisation. Unless whatever it is, has been sanitised and sterilised.


no quite right - take a look at the * i marked, strictly flying time


You can’t get away from the fact we are now RAF Air Cadets.
If we move further away from the RAF, why would young people join the RAF Air Cadets? They might as well join the Scouts?
Are you really suggesting you want HQAC to manage an aviation contract???


Blimey no. IMO HQAC can only just about manage to arrange a tea swindle.

The flying and gliding can as suggested be outsourced, with “us” just doing checks of the contractors. When we use an outdoor centre, they provide us with all the necessary and away we go and cadets have lots and lots of fun. So why not use this for flying and gliding, but managed centrally and operate pre-approved suppliers, so some shiny does all documentation side for us. This could then extend to provision for scholarships, which as I seem to remember is how it was done, with powered flying being done as local flying clubs. Which in many cases lead to the cadets extending and getting a PPL, through the same flying school. Two cadets from my sqn did this is the 70s/80s and kept it going for a while, of not still today.

As for the RAF in general there is a real sense we are the neighbours who have something they want to use (the cadets) to make them look good and invite us for a tea and biccies, then at all other times hope upon hope we don’t come knocking.


Because that would take years and as importantly it would be used to stop flying by other means as they are ‘not one of us.’

Do you really think HQAC or 2FTS could actually do this, they have probably never dealt with anybody working outside the ‘fence’ and those people will a) see them coming and either say if you don’t like what we as CAA/BGA regulated operators do or how we operate then the door is over there and b) will not tolerate being shouted at, dictated to or generally treated with disdain and contempt because they wear rank.


Flying has effectively stopped.

What gets me is if we decide to use a public AT provider, we contact them ask for loads of info, which they email to us, we then stick that on SMS. I’m pretty certain we the volunteers could manage to get some specified docs from a flying/gliding school, so why not one of the RCs sitting around doing not a lot, avoiding the incumbent at 2fTS. Get a list of flying schools across the country and sit there on email starting with
“I am Gp Capt ****** from HQAC could you please supply the following ****** with a view to Air Cadets flying with your school. We can offer £** per cadet and guarantee you ** cadets per month. If could offer us some sort of bulk rate, that would be interesting to discuss. If this is agreeable I can arrange to visit and meet face to face”


Civilian AT providers are already used by the RAF, so the info required used and what questions to ask are already there. Do you really believe that RCs or RAvOs really have the skills to deal with this?


They should be able to do this, if not sack 'em.

It’s a bit more than in effect arranging a teenagers birthday party.


Since when did blunties sack each other, never in my experience.


That’s a problem we have. People come in and it’s not until they’re bored or get too old do they shuffle away from RHQ/HQAC


If they don’t then as senior officers, they should acquire them, pronto.


I’d quite happily to the W&W RAvO job. It’s vacant as well as far as I know.


They d never tolerate it as it would threaten their cushy little jobs and expose them as the failures they truly are.


I don’t think it is vacant.


Very difficult if you have never worked in the commercial world, use NHS PFI as an example, the PFIs providers saw the NHS coming and acted accordingly. Those negoiating the contracts were like chickens, quietly plucked without feeling because they did not know what was happening. Many of if not 95% had never had to survive outside the NHS bubble which either moves, pays off or promotes the inept, imcompetant or downright stupidly dangerous.

See a pattern here, maybe closer to home.


Does it matter whether it’s vacant or not?

If you’ve no airframes, having someone manage them seems a bit of a waste of time and effort…


And money.


WHAT OPPORTUNITIES :joy::man_facepalming:t2:


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There explains some of the wider problem. It isn’t.