Gliding "paused"


Well that’s slightly better news. So to be clear, those numbers (from defence minister) are people achieving gliding scholarships, not cadets getting airborne?


If they’re are being compared against the 11k awards I would hope the same sort of data is being used. I would say they’re heavily swayed toward blue & bronze level but there are silver and gold happening.

Take into account little riss were the fourth site to be cleared for cadet flying only yesterday to join Topcliffe (cleared March) Syerston (cleared Jun) and Upavon (cleared Oct) so no VGS has had a full year awarding as yet.


But the 11k…is that cadets getting airborne or cadets achieving wings? (I appreciate wings is a loose term, given that the 11k would have been gliding scholarships of some kind and the newer numbers could include blue wings which don’t need any airborne time at all).


11k is the number of GIC GS & AGT from 2013 the sats are all on bader for that year.

The numbers of cadets that have completed gliding courses and been awarded wings in each of the last five years are as follows:

2013 - 11,748
2014 - 1,705
2015 - 53
2016 - 142
2017 - 741

In 2013 and 2014 these courses were across all Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (VGS). In 2015 and 2016 these were with Central Gliding School (CGS) Syerston. In 2017 in addition to CGS, these also include courses with the three VGS that have returned to flight, 637VGS at Little Rissington, 644VGS at Syerston and 635VGS at Topcliffe.

Prior to the gliding pause, which commenced in Apr 2014, there were circa 560 qualified gliding instructors spread over the VGS. Many of these gliding instructors are undertaking ground duties while awaiting completion of their 'return to flying' package. This includes instructing groundschool topics and on the Part Task Trainers which are our ground based simulators.

61 instructors have now completed their 'return to flying' package and regained their gliding instructional qualifications to deliver airborne training to cadets.



Well that has some depressing inaccuracies in it on who’s actually flying.


So is it fake news?


635 disbanded and 637 only cleared for cadets a couple of days ago. The numbers might be right though :thinking:


Yes, I would say so it is like comparing apples with melons. IT is much easier to get wings under the progressive training syllabus (PTS)than it was under the GIC system.

Before, the GIC require 12 launches in a Viking. Blue wings in the PTS is one flight in an aircraft and one in a PTT. When operation get welsh cadets gliding came to St Athan in 2017. All that was on offer was Blue PTS.


That would be three GIC (1,2 &3) awards for 12 launches of course, and the FTP for gliding clearly doesnt recommend just one launch for blue wings.


sorry, I thought it was…
An intro into basic controls via the flight sim followed by a flight in a glider/ tutor to carry out a practical lesson.


Up to 3 flights in a Viking, 20mins vigilant or tutor for blue.

Up to 6 flights in a vikibg, 30mins vigilant or tutor for bronze

Might be some people pushing for lower numbers of flights to get more through but thats not what CFS say who write the course


to be fair it is “one flight” if in a Vigilant although with so few sites (2?) operating them it is silly to believe the message to takeaway is “one flight”


Flew in the Vigilant and gained blue wings today. A step in the right direction for RAFAC aviation one thinks.