Gliding "paused"


No because if it was it would give false hope. I imagine changes on a daily basis means the restart date moves back.

What season is this? We used to go gliding throughout the year.

Does anyone know if the glider pilots are all back to currency or planned to be as such by early next year?


i guess that includes opportunity flights such as the Queens Birthday flypast and the 9 Cadets who got Red arrows flights…ok only small numbers but add these odd opportunities together (there was a muster at RAF Benson…750 Cadet flew at that for example)


This would suggest that between 1/3 to 1/2 of my cadets should have flown, I think that we were allocated slots for 1/4 of them, driving past 5AEF to get to 7AEF…


In 1 calendar year I have had 7 cadets get a total of 303 minutes airborne at AEF (assuming bader is up to date).

I think some stretching of the truth must have occurred.


They probably also included in that total
Flights to Cyprus, Gibraltar etc, NI cdts going to Liverpool for AEF


The best thing to do with 5 AEF as all they’ll be doing is polishing their helmets, god forbid they use them.


Rather harsh on 5AEF given the somewhat unique and challenging circumstances they’ve been faced with.


Not really given the failure to deliver.

If I experienced such poor service from a service provider in my real life, I would be using someone else, but this isn’t an option as we’re hog tied to them.


Especially the debacle with the Air Traffic operating hrs at weekends - still exceptionally limited - completely out of their control.


Try having sympathy when you drive there wait and get told it ain’t happening OR arrange to go get cadets ready do the daft form and then get an email saying it ain’t happening. I’d prefer they binned weekend flying altogether and give us the money to source AEF through a flying school. No one outside the protectionist RAF flying club would be bothered if it meant getting cadets in the air. There seems to be more going on in the ATC to invent jobs / keep RAF people in jobs rather than delivering to the cadets.

Ever since the move to Wittering was planned (I use the word in its loosest possible sense) AEF hasn’t happened, because it was left to people not looking at the whole picture and ensuring that the move didn’t happen until everything was in place. The impetus seems to be come in Monday see and email - OMG Wyton’s closing panic, spin, flap and oh good we can move it to Wittering, job done or not, by Monday lunch, then back to whichever social media stream they use to say how good they’ve been.


Give it a rest for gods sake. You’re like a scratched record.


So you think it’s OK to treat cadets so poorly?

We should have something that is fit for purpose and currently 5AEF isn’t and the fact it is allowed to carry on with seemingly no accountability seems to the be the norm in their circle of operation.


No. It’s just your constant attack of characters. It’s very boring


I can assure you that Wyton is not closing, the move of 5AEF was a political move.


Not strictly true. Wyton has closed as a permanent airfield and relatively soon will begin the transition to a copy cat housing estate. The rest of the site has admittedly gone.

As for the Wyton - Wittering move: it was planned well enough in advance but unfortunately weekend ops in particular came well down the RAF pecking order. The effective doubling of the EFT task there did not help matters either.


There was a report on the radio coming into work this morning about female airline captains and move to recruit more.
What were the two main drivers to get a girl flying :
parent who flies and Air Cadets. I know it’ll be a shock to those who don’t regard flying as a main activity in the AIR TRAINING Corps.

Now if there was ever a thing to latch onto and squeeze money and opportunities there is one, but I doubt our glitterati would have a clue. But we have Carol Voorderman who flies with her engineering background, so it should all very easy to put together, chuck in a few cadets and away you go.


[quote=“chaz, post:1215, topic:1152, full:true”]unfortunately weekend ops in particular came well down the RAF pecking order.
So what about the ‘special relationship’ with the RAF CAC rambles on about? Doesn’t seem very special does it.


Yes the airfield hard runway has closed as a permanent airfield, but there is again a grass runway. Most of the airfield is planned to be turned into an identikit housing development. The ‘domestic’ site is being retained and is expected to have further units moving in from about 2020 once additional new accomodation has been constructed.


Funny that they list the Air Cadets as a driving force for women pilots, when last week the media picked up a story of Ellie who’s at civvie club in the west country who soloed on her 14th birthday making her the youngest female pilot in Britain (potentially ever?). Another clear sign that if you want to do some proper meaningful flying, you’re sadly better off staying out of the Air Cadets and investing time elsewhere, you’ve got far less to lose, and the potential of becoming an instructor on your 16th birthday if you’re like Ellie, she’s not the only one!


Just a media story. How many civvie clubs have turned out pilots. How many ex air cadets have become pilots. Give me those figures and I’ll consider which is actually better.

I see your story and raise you