Gliding "paused"


I did two RAC weekends in my time in the corps.The accommodation was a bit rough and ready but serviceable and the cadets themselves absolutely loved the whole experience.Especially as for most of them it was their first experience of doing an activity where they were away from home for more than a few hours.Saw a fair few go on and do overseas and UK blues camps.It really wets their appetite.


Did it rain??

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Ha ha thought someone would spot that.Typed it /sent it and by then it was too late.Time for 100 lines.


Tsk, tsk, take 200 lines for knowing the error but not correcting it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You have actually got to laugh have just received an email regarding the recommencement of gliding, if we are doing anything to the press or social media then we aren’t to mention or reference the pause…

So much for a bit of integrity…


Who from? Wing level or above? I’ve certainly not had anything…


Scotland and northern Ireland region sent that notification this afternoon. They have had press covering the gliding relaunch at Kirknewton


Not a nationwide campaign then!:roll_eyes:


Apparently not - I guess you are free to mention the fleets groundings in your media output if you are outwith S&NI Region.


Why waste a good headline for the truth??

cadets were at kirknewton for a flight 2/3 years ago with all the press there a Minister of stupidity to
See the PTT as well and then to see them getting their blue wings. Then as soon as it was done the gliders were removed.

It was the same headlines then too.

Yes I am glad that there is cadets starting to glide once again but until We get gliding every weekend for a sustained period of time (weather problems accepted) then we can all be happy we are moving in the correct direction until then let’s not get carried away


so looking at this again (i know i’ve dug this one out) it seems the BGA will have insurance for such a person.

and i should correct myself

why i didn’t think to look at my own aircraft insurance at the time i don’t know. but start of the year, and a start of what needs looking at which includes the insurance renewals i flicked through my policy and found the following…

so it would seem i have insurance in place to the value of £100k for a vehicle i operate operate or own.

it therefore follows I could have a 14 yr old drive my car and be covered as it doesn’t stipulate only the piloted named in my policy

now to answer the question how does this apply to the VGS?
well VGS is MOD and the MOD does not have motor insurance and I would guess no aviation insurance either using the same indemnity insurance as is applied to motor insurance.

so it becomes a “grey” area - a 14 yr old Cadet flying solo (ok so it wouldn’t happen as VGS only solo 16+ yrs cadets) would be covered by the MOD for flying as an “approved pilot” to use the insurance wording.

applying that same policy to airside driving that would be the call of the VGS on who was an approved driver - being an MT vehicle that is likely to be those who have a valid FMT600.
so no the VGS would not allow it


It seems the message is say gliding’s up and running and then deal with the disappointment 6 months down the line when cadets still haven’t had a sniff. I’ve mentioned the pause to anyone who’s asked about gliding, including MPs and Councillors so the cat’s well and truly out of the bag.
Did Alastair Campbell have a hand in the don’t say anything about “the pause” as it sounds for all the world like Bliar trying to disown the past in 1997.


Allocations for the next 6 months… 40 cadet slots spread amongst 8 squadrons in my wing… none for me, not a great recovery or opportunity.


Just got mine through. 3 spaces (must take one staff member) for gliding in the next 6 months.


Mine was December. Sqn of 80+ cadets and a slot for 4.

First gliding we’ve had since the pause. They loved it and want to know when we are going again.

Anyone know if a squadron or wing can purchase a PTT from the manufacturer and run sessions (with appropriately 2FTS authorised personal of course)?


i like the enthusiasm, and welcome the problem solving but PTT is not the bottle neck as i understand it.

We could have 30+ PTTs, one per Wing, all it will do it create a national of Cadets waiting for gliding slots, which won’t occur or materialise any quicker because the PTT is done.


I was led to believe it had to be taught from a VGS staff member and sqn staff wouldn’t be allowed to teach it.


Yep, apparently under MAA restrictions, sqn CFAV’s can’t be trained to deliver blue wings on sqn PTT’s.
Not my words. Just what I’ve been told.


All PTT trained staff are qualified/supervised/managed by 2FTS.

A Viking PTT was circa £25k when originally purchased with money donated by the RAF charitable trust.


Can VGS Staff Cadets train cadets on PTT? I’ve heard of it being done. If so, who trains them?