Gliding "paused"


very unlikely that a pilots insurance would cover motor insurance on top, on the public roads or otherwise…


It’s unlikely to be motor insurance either, after all it’s not a road or public place so the road traffic act doesn’t apply and things like Drivers Licences, Tax and Insurance all become irrelevant… (Indeed the vehicle could be SORN off the road).

How does a proper airport get Insurance Coverage? Or a farm for that matter?


perhaps it falls under PLI ?


They’re Ford rangers, but anyway no he wouldn’t be able to drive one as he’s 14.

Might go some way to explaining why 2FTS get twitchy bum syndrome when BGA sights quite commonly let under age members drive or operate plant machinery. Does give off the best safety message.


I would suspect that it quite specifically doesn’t fall under PLI.

There’s no specific reason why a 14 year old driving a vehicle away from the public can’t be insured to do so, just that the chances of finding a company to underwrite it are exceedingly slim - and if you could the cost would probably be significant.


It’s not private land as people (general public) are coming into the club to fly, they’ll therefore need insurance.

Real airports phone the insurance company and pay the fee.


It’s rather more complex than that. People aren’t allowed to just wander willy-nilly around the airfield, so it’s not a public area in the context of motoring legislation.


Just because the public are coming there to fly doesn’t make it into a road and doesn’t make the road traffic act apply. (It would however apply to the customer car park)

I’m sure Airports do pick up the phone and get the relevant insurance I’m asking what the relevant insurance would be, do they get motor insurance and have a shed load of provisions and charges) bolted on to make it valid on an airfield or do they have specific airfield vehicle policies? Or does it just get covered in the PLI?

My guess would be that they have a bespoke policy which covers everything they do, I doubt that such a policy would cover a 14 year old to drive about the airfield. (As what Insurance company would sign off on it?)


I’d imagine it would be regular vehicle insurance plus a specific airside usage policy - you can have some very expensive accidents driving around an airport.


Cant answer for airports. But farm wise, I call NFU. I’ve got 1 farm vehicle insured through them. Insured for anybody i deem fit to drive it on private land - but not on public rights of way or roads - and only going about farm business.

Oh. And crucially, not on PUBLIC land - ie where there is a chance of a driver mistaking, for example, dog walking Mrs Miggins and her beloved spaniel Jasper, for a 2 tonne black and white meat factory with horns.


An analogy for gliding in the ATC is the pub with no beer, but a Royston Vasey version, where you are locked in and can’t go to another pub.


There’s a function room in that pub. It’s called the glass half full room. All the VGS and AEF Pilots/instructors are up there getting merry. We’ve bought our own drinks. Come up and join us? You might enjoy it???


It’s generally alright in the function room where you’ve got all the beer. It’s everyone else that would rather go to Wetherspoons.


How do you know when you’ve got a VGS pilot in your function room?

  1. He’ll still be wearing his growbag.
  2. He won’t share his beer with you.
  3. He shudders when he tells you how hard it was ‘in the old days’. “We had to fly cadets, you know”








You’ve no idea what the 'stan was like man, you weren’t there.



or fly solo at 14?


Can’t be having them do something that is permissible. Better to make them wait for no reason other than to wait.


Was reduced from 16 in 2013. That came as a suprise to me.