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Yeah, slightly more than shoulder width.

Bring that rep range down as well.
Do 3x12-15. Nice and slow movement with slightly more on the weight.

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Also MMH; one year’s difference with the same belt. Now on the tightest notch.

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Something you can use to test the muscle group engagement and sensation, that isn’t a perfect match across to bench press but is relatively safe and quicker than faffing with a bar, is to test different hand positions for press ups.

You’ll find where is easiest and most comfortable, and where is weakest, and where provides that balance between the two you’re looking for.

It’ll be slightly wider than shoulder width, but you can test and find an approximate sweet spot to test and adjust with the bar.

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Makes sense, I guess it’s what I’ve been subconsciously doing but will try to pay more conscious attention for the next few times.

Managed my longest run in a long time this morning; 2 hours without walking or stopping.

I have a half-marathon in a few weeks, with a cut-off time that might end up being quite tight for me, so it’s a big confidence boost to get out and cover the majority of the distance this morning.


On ex currently so making use of the gym facilities here.

Having to use cargo crates as a squat rack as money is not wanting to be spent…

Although I’m happy to report that field kitchen curry, black coffee and just a smattering of “it is what it is” is an effective pre workout.


Not sure if anyone here will know the answer to this question, but I can’t find an answer anywhere.

Is there anything wrong with having a high Max HR?

For context, my usual resting HR is in the low 50s and I’m in my mid-30s. So not worrying about the RHR, although naturally it is dropping as I’m getting fitter.

My max HR, however, can be quite high. Admittedly this is being measured from a wrist strap, which we know aren’t the most accurate at all times, but the trend is the same.

Really pushing at the end of parkrun today, as I could hear someone on my shoulder trying to overtake me in the final sprint. No beeping chance that I’m letting that happen. Check the stats after and see a recorded max HR of 207 bpm. I’ve previously seen 200+ almost any time I’m pushing on a sprint finish.

It’s not something I want to waste a doctor’s time with, if it turns out that there’s actually nothing wrong with having a high Max HR. But there seems to be no literature out there to guide me on this.

Proud of myself today, in spite of it not being a long distance or fast.

Knew I needed to go out for an hour, but missed the window of opportunity before work so headed out at lunch instead. In 28°c!

I’ve run in hotter, but never on the first day of a heatwave with such a high temperature increase. Wanted to quit on several occasions but kept going and kept plodding all the way until I was done.

Checking the stats afterwards was interesting, but that run was all about building the right mindset and I smashed that goal.

A bit of SIS Rego, and an electrolyte drink afterwards and I’m not feeling too bad. Hungry as a horse though!

And our QT34 measurement says… no PT for me!!! :wink:

Minor milestone achieved; resting HR back in the 40s! Now to try and keep it there…


I’m meant to be undertaking my first half marathon for more than 5 years tomorrow. However, I’m currently sat in the spare room of my cousin’s house (as this HM is some distance away from home) nursing the worst cold I’ve had since before Covid began. RHR is up by around 10bpm, HRV stress is high all day and my sleep is terrible.

So question for any other runners; how do you personally choose whether to pull the plug or whether to plough through?

I’m a bit pig headed and will generally carry on anyway.
Maybe see how you feel tomorrow (you’re there already) take it easy at the start and don’t be afraid to slow down or walk.

It’s bad advice I know, thats what I’d most likely do. But there’s no shame in deferring and coming back another time.

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DD said about having the worst cold since COVID a short while ago, after pointing out it’s not really cold weather yet so she did a test and was positive. Are you certain you haven’t picked up COVID?

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Nope, I’m not. But my first action was to try to source a test and everywhere was sold out. I know, not a good sign.

However I’m yet to have Covid at all, and this came after following a run after a significant drop in temperature, straight after kids went back to school.

It doesn’t feel severe enough to be what I’ve heard Covid could be like for a first infection, but I know that’s not really a marker anymore.

I didn’t think we were testing for it anymore? It was never going to go away, it just became endemic. I thought that meant we treated it just like cold / flu (e.g. go into work if feeling well enough, etc.)

Edit: Checked the NHS app and it seems certain people can still get tests and should stay home if testing positive. The rest of us will theoretically never know we have it and so have to treat it as cold / flu.

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I still get given home tests through work though see them all the time in supermarkets/general stores, if symptomatic with a high temp then I still believe your supposed to avoid contact with others.

Sub 1hr at the RAF Museum London 10k today - not my best 10km time, but someone decided to change the route and put 2 laps of a hill in there! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I ended up doing my half marathon today. 13c and very, very wet.

Had to stop for the loo after only around 5 miles, and that was it. Lots of walking and not being able to get back into the swing of it. My cold started play-up as well and I just had no energy.

Took me 5 minutes shy of 3 hours. My slowest ever time by about 50 minutes!

For some of the older veterans - this was the Belfast City Half. Very, very, very weird walking past the entrance of the Divis Flats and along Falls Road!


I did it last year, it is an interesting route.

Good effort though!

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Not so humble brag:

Got approached in the gym this morning…

“You look like you come here a lot, can you advise me on an exercise?”

Well thank you :rofl: