Fireworks disrupts remembrance parade

Just read about this.

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I think there are a few levels to this, firstly what happened was wrong but I don’t think they should have shouted and said pull him out, it just takes more attention away from the real reason they gathered for a parade in the first place



The crowd that responded should have shook their heads and got on with remembering their comrades, not tried to get him out of the pub.

I don’t care how outraged you are that some one is ignoring the 2 minutes silence, dragging someone out of a building and giving them a shoeing shows a massive lack of decorum.


It is Salford…


You do this you expect a response.

If he had gotten lynched it would’ve been an “oh dear, how sad, never mind” from me!

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From SM it appears he has 6 kids, all taken from him, and done jail time. A thoroughly pleasant chap

Watching this video, and the video of the extinction rebellion incident on the London Underground, I was struck how the veneer of civilised behaviour is very thin indeed. It was, to me, very reminiscent of a lynch mob in an old Western movie.

seconded, and as posted elsewhere on the forum in the last week there is a strong movement of “national pride” from the far right in the Poppy/Remembrance etc.
to disrespect one is to disrespect the nation itself for those with that mindset and can understand the anger…some of course feel they need to react, else they too are guilty by association

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Classy bunch aren’t they…

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16 weeks, so out early in the new year.

Spotted amongst the crowd in some other footage…


Is this possibly the weirdest beret modification even?


Swift Justice - Jailed for four months

16 weeks in the pokey…

As disrespectful as it was and he definitely deserves it, I find it a bit strange he got a custodial sentence over the gentleman recently that was caught sleeping with a 14 year old on two occassions, he got a suspended sentence.

I find that odd.

This guy had a wrap sheet as long as Cassanova’s list of conquests. He was never getting a suspended sentence.

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