Fieldcraft policy update - Dec 2018


The MoD and procurement in the same sentence, if you’ll excuse me, the term is oxymoronic.


but the question remains…
If you do not have the mandated kit :face_vomiting: and the alternative (PLCE with ammo and bottle pouch) is insufficient who has authority to allow you to do more (PLCE with additional 2 pouches or other options) etc

… or is it an 11th commandment route

Again common sense and trust in staff to provide duty of care on the ground appears to have vanished from the organisation


Easiest thing is to approach your RC and see if as DDH they will authorise what you want to do. The SST shouldn’t come in to play as there is equipment that is defense approved to do what you want to do, just make sure you are using that.


Do you have any videos showing how to do this?


Quite a few on YouTube - some are ok.

We were thinking of doing a how to video but that will have to wait till the new FT policy has bedded in.


Could be something for the Cadet Portal - @james_elliott?


If I get 5 minutes later to dig out my side pouches I could film one… But really there’s nothing to it.

Want two side pouches? Simply, zip the two side pouches together along one edge and clip onto the daysack yoke.


I’ll pass it onto the team developing the uniform and drill part of the Portal


You can’t attach a PLCE yoke without a second ammo pouch anyway. Depending on the bottle pouch, it may come with yoke attachment points, but you really don’t want a water bottle there. PLCE webbing is designed to have an ammo pouch on each side - you have left and right ammo pouches and the each pouch has attachment points for the front yoke strap and the side strap.

The easiest thing to do is change the policy to be in line with ours: You can use the vest or appropriate webbing. Make-up of said webbing is left up to you.


Absolutely. A utility pouch on the right hand side is a waste. It’s big, bulky… Two double ammo pouches are far more useful.
Ammunition on the left; brew on the right. :wink:


The utility pouch is specifically designed to be worn in place of an ammo pouch if needed, either for those who have few mags (it’s standard in the RAF) or for those using belt-fed weapons.

It’s ideal for cadets - water bottle on the back, ammo on the left, odds and sods (cleaning kit, mess tins, cooker_emphasized text_, pouch meal and snacks) on the right.


You don’t want to pack anything bulky beyond the side of the body. It becomes unpleasant.

No need to carry mess tins or cooker in webbing. :slight_smile:


Who what where? What am I agreeing to??


People were discussing a video on how to put together webbing. Not sure where it would fit on the portal at the moment but might be an idea for adding in the future?

Just thinking aloud as you’re already planning on putting drill videos in etc.


The plan is to have a FMST page under training at some point and it would fit neatly on there potentially :+1:


To echo what James says, from a content point view the more material we have the better (even if it is a bit rough round new edges). Then we can try different ideas and take the best ones forward.