Fieldcraft excercises

Any suggestions for FC exercises on Sqn? The cadets are all reasonably competent on hand signals, movement in the field etc. We’ve got access to a large-ish site with a sports field and some buildings.

The exercise should really be developed around the skills you are looking to consolidate or test.

I suspect you’re after a classic ‘waste a squadron night wearing greens and trying to creep up on each other’ type exercise though?

My favourite for that type of exercise is usually cyalumes in a bottle of water and give them a rough drawn map with some grid references for downed sattelite parts. They need to out and get them and avoid detection from a hunter force or similar.

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Whilst we’re trying to develop FC skills, sqn staff think (correctly) it’s more important for cadets to have fun and enjoy fieldcraft. The downed satellite idea sounds good though.

I would suggest looking at the old ACP 44 Chapter 9 (or ask a Staff member to downloaded it) and look at Ex Blue Iridium.
You can then incorporate fieldcraft and radio comms into 1 exercise.


The same exercise can be ran either to consolidate or just for fun. The difference is how it is termed in the admin and who authorises it.

That type of ex for example wouldn’t get past a TSA and shouldn’t get past a Wing Fieldcraft officer under the guise of being a fieldcraft exercise.

Better of putting in admin for a game of hide and seek.

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