Ex military - CI process



Back when I joined, my SA(B)90 was still very much current and I objected to having to be assessed running a range by someone who had a lesser qualification than me. His qual allowed him to run up to Gall\CGR and the B qual lets you run MMTT, IBSR, SiD shoots and ranges with pintle-mounted MG’s (not that one would use that with cadets of course!).


FTRS is a far simple process as ive been on one of these as a posting , its a interview with a weekend at a training facility hosted by the FTRS people and then you join your post unless ypu have to undergo new trajnjng for your job role , like vehicle or weapon training.

But you are quite right


But this is what i mean , why arent the ATO using personnel who have these previous experience in the armed forces or cadets to there advantage ?

Just dont understand it tbh


Who are the ATO? You keep writing that but I have no idea what your talking about.

We are the following;
RAFAC - Royal Air Force Air Cadets
ATC - Air Training Corps
CCF(RAF) - Combinded Cadet Force RAF Section.


I think it might just be a typo for ACO - (Air Cadet Organisation) here

Correct me if wrong?!


Sorry meant to be ACO , my speeling isnt great , apologise


Apples and oranges though - FTRS personnel will already have been security-cleared, vetted, selected, trained and then selected again to be eligible to apply.


And money and annual leave.


I have known several individuals with a lot of skills to offer, who are no longer involved. In fact it is probably true that I know who used to be in the Corps than are currently members.

Many declined to go into uniform, simply because accepting a Commission did not guarantee being left alone. With inept management of staff, the turnover was such that resultant shortages meant there was pressure to fill gaps. Whilst the skill set might benefit another group of Cadets, it does not do any favours to the CFAV to be simply a pawn.

And I don’t think that the ATC has still not learned the need to appreciate staff, treat them as a finite but valuable resource and allow the respect that this demands.

It may be difficult for some to see this above the dazzle of their own perceived brilliance as leaders.

The sad reality is that the ATC is nothing like the RAF, so it needs time to adjust.