England match in Hungary, Army Cadets Advertising | RAFAC National Recruitment Campaign?

Just seen a big scrolling sign, Join the Army Cadets, around the arena, next to the pitch. Someone in the ACF has their head well and truly switched on to pull this one off.

Someone at HQAC needs to dedigitate.


They media team has been doing some great stuff. Talked more about here

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Good place too, only kids can attend that match I believe?

Do you really think that it would happen? Where is the HQACF situated, not in the wilds of Lincolnshire?

Just seen this on the football, great idea. Would love to see what their advertising budget is and how it’s split just lately, their ad’s are everywhere.

Maybe they have ex-members in the advertising industry who are ex-Regulars and ACF, if so, they are playing a blinder.

Wasn’t it only Hungarian kids?

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Wonder what the TV UK Audience was

They are advertising in a football ground that was shut because of the racism of the supporters.
The England team were booed by the Hungarian schoolchildren when they took the knee.

I would think the ACF must be appalled to be associated with this open sewer full of bigots.

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I thought our team was under the same restriction? I don’t really follow football that closely

I saw a number of kids in England tops.

Doubt they would be Hungarian kids.

The adverts are often substituted, digitally, in real-time, to match the country of broadcast. So the adverts may not have been there “in real life” for the Hungarians, and may only have been seen by the viewers in the UK.


You learn something new everyday

Thanks for sharing, that is pretty fascinating actually.

Very clever!

Another example how switched on and fit for purpose the ACF media strategy is.


That’s the operative word, they have a plan and they appear to be executing on it well.

Our ‘strategy’ seems to be very much leave it to local units and very opportunistic and reactive.

Maybe the website revamp and the surveys are the start of something bigger and we will see a step change :thinking:

Totally agree, there seems to be minimal strategy from HQAC but things look as if their changing even switching on to the importance of alumni - job to take this forward currently on sharepoint

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The over riding issue with this is how do people get in touch with local units, without going through the “centre” which is where the contact goes to rat poo.
You need a contact point that is for a local unit.
If as units we are hitting local communities via whatever media with pictures of our cadets doing things, it beats the nuts off a second or so of some corporate message. Relying on the happenchance of someone seeing a fleeting image on a TV screen during a football game, which has the potential to cost many thousands as a budget holder you would want to know what the payback is.

I have yet to see the RAFAC locally to me, yet within my inner city there are no community Squadrons. I see the ACF frequently displayed on buses whilst driving along.