So did institutional child abuse, not everything that used to happen was great


You really need to read things and not go for the soundbite to get the hounds howling as you know they would by making a comment on something I never said.


She says he shouted at her, but did he really? This is where speaking to the other witness would be helpful. I once made a cadet cry just by talking to them sternly*. No shouting, no raised voices, I just spoke sternly. I didn’t intend on making the cadet cry, but they did. Could be something like what has happened here?

*Said cadet had been bad mouthing the unit on social media, probably because he hadn’t been promoted.


I achieved a similar effect a couple of weeks ago by asking a cadet to leave a lesson I was teaching because he kept talking over me. No raised voices or anything but it set him off. We had a chat about it afterwards and sorted it all out and everyone was happy.


I once made an officer cadet at Cranditz cry; he had turned up for the very first interview (day 3 of the cse, first time in uniform - greens) unshaven - this had been commented on by me twice (him being unshaven) when he had been walking around on the previous 2 days getting all his kit.

I expressed my grave displeasure in a quiet voice; I gave him 40 mins to scoot back to his accommodation & get shaved. He ran out of the door, in tears, past “my” other 9 officer cadets - who were shell-shocked!!

Great way to start off - he wanted to be RAF Regt, but changed to Admin Sec halfway through! :joy:


He was lucky the College Warrant Officer didn’t speak at him.


I was probably worse than him - I put all of Medical Holding Flight (20+ cadets) on “jankers” for 5 days - all pre-checked with the doc, as they were all due to return back to main sqn in a short time. :smiling_imp:


What? You mean EXACTLY as you did to me on the historic abuse thread?

Oh, the sweet irony. :smiley:


PEP head on…

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Because life wasn’t depressing enough as it was? :wink:


Remember… Trolling is about fishing, not trolls. :wink:



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Was there a witness of the events? That is who will be able to clear what happened up. No disciplinary should be given as a one on one as you get this issue. It’s the WO’s word against your Daughters and could land them in very large doo doo. Any number of accusations could be made


Ah, I had taken over as their flt cdr on the Fri, & advised them that the “easy life” would stop on Mon…

They obviously had memory issues. I went with another flt cdr to do a surprise inspection on their accommodation at 0900 hrs on the Mon. They must have had the party of parties the night(s) before - everything in a huge mess, with beer cans , wine bottles, & items of “delicate” clothing scattered all around the place!!

So, I arranged for them to parade outside Whittle Hall at lunchtime, & gave them the good news. About 2 hrs later, I even had a 'phone call from the Commandant’s office asking if it was true about the jankers, to which of course I said yes, & briefly explained the circumstances… Crack on, was the reply!!

Moreover, I made sure that I was also there to inspect them at their jankers evening parade (separate journey for me).

They got the message. :sunglasses:


Ah, the E-Section life! :rofl:


No, no weapons. It was drill. They were stood still outside. It was freezing as the temp had dropped and she was moving her arms to try and keep warm


ok then, sounds like your mate is a bit of a


Sounds like an idiot, temp drop, cold and cadets feeling it due to not being properly attired, oh dear, not looking after cadets welfare?


Even i dont do drill in this weather and i live and breath it…i would be more peeved that he had put cadets at risk of exposure to cold temperature