Cosford Air Show - no headdress?

Indeed. Where has @Aries picked up the bizarre idea that a RAFAC Wg Cdr should salute a regular Plt Off? Bizarre.

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The only time a RAFAC officer is below a regular or reservist is for ceremonial purposes when they are the same rank
Edit (or the obvious one where they actually gold a lower rank than the other person)


A RAFAC officer is subordinate to a regular or reserve officer of the same rank.

However, a RAFAC officer is senior to a regular or reserve officer of a lower rank.

That’s how I read the regulations.

Though of course if you try giving an order to a regular Flight Sergeant be prepared…

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Is anyone surprised Aries is spouting more uninformed rubbish though? Really?


It’s my understanding that we have no command authority over regular personnel, save for those involved in cadet activities (and vice-versa).


Yup. But some forget that and try to order regulars around. Not many thankfully but it’s always good for a laugh to watch it unfold

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i’m trying to think of an example where it could be forgotten that I don’t have command over a regular Airman or Officer and is NOT a RAFAC activity example.

My involvement with the regulars, while in RAFAC uniform I am always on a “Cadet Activity” and thus lost how I can indicate the X should be done before Y, or how my troops are more important than Regular Flt Lt Jones (his CO).

I cannot think of an example where it would be appropriate for me to tell a regular what to do with their job and thus have me “Walting” over a regular.

plenty of examples where I will tell a regular to back off and “no” we are not doing that for the safety and protect of the Cadets in my charge, rank or otherwise, but that is a Cadet activity example…


I dont think anyone is suggesting that RAFAC officers should ‘walt it’ over a regular even if they were subordinate in rank.

When we’re in a regular or reserve world then what the regular or reserves say, goes.

When a regular or reserve is in our world, then what we say, goes.

As for telling a regular FS what the script is, personally I wouldn’t have a problem if the situation warranted it. As a JNCO running a range, I once threw a FS off the firing point for distracting my safety supervisors.

I did have an incident with an unnamed station; I went into Arm Eng flt to book the 25m range and the very helpful Cpl had just told me it was free in the diary and was poised with pen to write the booking in, when the FS came in and said they couldn’t take the booking because ‘CCFs aren’t parented by the RAF for ranges - you have to use Army ranges’.* I respectfully demurred and we had a polite but entrenched conversation, in which ‘Sir’ and ‘Flight Sergeant’ featured a lot.

Cue a very helpful forumite finding me the parenting statement, which I sent to said FS, who then through gritted teeth allowed us to come and shoot.

Not exactly an order, but still a clear battle of authority…

*for those unaware, the CCF (all flavours) is parented by the Army for wpns and ammo but the CCF(RAF) is parented by the RAF for ranges. Oddly, the Army have never refused me a range booking on the same grounds, as I suspect they would be entitled to and the nearest 25m range to us is actually an Army one…

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off topic but

if the Army Supply the weapons and ammo and the RAF the Ranges - doesn’t SOMEONE need to give something (ie Army letting you use their range, or RAF letting you use their weapons) else its a effort to move the weapons from the Army to the RAF range?

CCF, so I guess they just bring their own.

sorry i should have been more specific - is that also the case for the L98A2?

For No8 we would take our own to the range just as the CCF would, given we would hold more No8s that the RAF Station
but for L98A2 - only one option

We have to transport our own weapons. So for example if I go shooting at our nearest RAF station, we aren’t allowed to use weapons or ammo from the station - we have to transport our own with all the attendant faff. Sometimes the station will take them in safe custody for a couple of days allowing things to be prepositioned.

But then we also have access to L98A2s for training any time I feel the whim.

thank you for answering my query!

Very late but I am a bit confused, the salute is to the commission which is held by the officer not the uniform…. A commission is a commission and should be saluted.