'Character education'

Resilience IMO comes with age; having “bad” experiences, picking yourself up and carrying on. It can’t be taught, it just happens and depends how you as an individual ‘react’ to it. You can put people into artificial situations, but it’s not the same.

True, but you can avoid wasting opportunities for learning resilience by protecting them from the consequence of bad decisions.

What use is that? Sounds like the no one can fail system.
If you don’t make a bad decision or are not the end of one, how do you learn?
Is this why a lot of kids and some adults crumble when they don’t pass or get something, or something unpleasant happens?
Tale a moment, brush yourself down and get on with it.

No, I think you’ve misread me. That’s what I’m saying. You can’t create opportunities to develop resilience - they will always be artificial - but you can avoid the sort of thing you are talking about by not hovering over them to pick the little darlings up every time they are about to fall.

I’ve seen cadets build resilience more times than I can count and I don’t think they’ve been artificial situations. Completing a DofE exped in poor weather or in some pain. Getting through their first weekend exercise and sleeping under a bivi. Sticking at drill practice and improving through determination and repetition. A cadet, nervous of speaking in front of people, eventually standing in front of a 100 cadets and parents to deliver their part of a presentation. A cadet, scared of how they might be treated on camp, getting support to stay and then have a brilliant week.

Those are all real opportunities to build resilience that we provide through cadet activities.


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