Can we use ban-tar


No. No. No. No. No.

“White male privilege allows white males to exist in a bubble of ignorance and illusion. I have to generalize here, but I’m pretty sure that most men have no idea and even less understanding of just how steeply the landscape has been tilted – just how much (through our unconsciousness) we are deliberately punishing half the human race”

Absolute rubbish.

White priviledge is made up BS. Made up by liberal left wing snowflakes to censor people. And censor people by their skin colour. It’s false. It doesn’t exist.

It makes my blood boil when I hear this utter turd.

Secondly, we don’t have a rape culture in this country. Or the west. Rape is a crime. Rapists get arrested and charged. Rapists are guilty until proven innocent.
Even if a person is found innocent in a court of law, an alleged rapist will always be a rapist. Because society takes rape seriously. Society doesn’t forgive rape so quickly. And nor should it.
You want to see a rape culture, take a trip to Africa where some parts believe the cure to AIDS is to rape a virgin. Take a trip to some parts of Asia or the Middle East.

You complain about trump, yet your supporting a woman who stood by her husband who abused, and lied, and sexually assaulted up to 10 women, and was called in for sexual misconduct. Not only did Clinton support him, but Clinton lied, manipulated and discredited said women, and did a lot to brush them under the carpet.
So where is your outcry at that? That she would support such an abusive man?

Trump made comments from 10 years ago. Before he was going to be a presidential candidate.
Clinton is a politician and has no excuse for the mess of a situation she created. From lying and manipulating the American people. Wasting tax dollars with a useless, waste of time health care, she wasn’t qualified to set up.
Numerous corruption cases brought against her and her husbands.
Still 30,000 emails lost and covered up. People have been locked up for doing less than she has.
She let good men die in an organised and well executed terrorist attack, and then lied to the public and the families about it.

Trump is a doorknob. But Clinton is no mother Theresa. neither of them should have ever been allowed to run.
Clinton will win on 2 accounts,
1 it’s a fix and we will never know. And she withdraws after taking office, due to health, so another unelected candidate can become president.
2 republicans vote for her because she voted get much help from a republic senate and they get a better/different candidate in 4 years.

Look at politics in Europe. Far right political groups growing in popularity because people are fed up with this liberal left wing hipster wet lettuce rubbish. Why do you think Trump has so much support? Because people are disillusioned with politics, and have no faith in politics or politicians.

“Sidebar: There’s a story about the filming of Django Unchained – that Leonardo DiCaprio was having trouble with all the racist language he had to speak. He wanted to apologize for it. But Samuel L. Jackson (allegedly) said, “Hey,. This is just another Tuesday for us.””

Yea, have you heard a lot of rap music, it has a lot of that racist language directed at each other.

“anti-Muslim” is very different from disliking Islam. You can dislike Islam but like a Muslim.

“Women alone will not be the solution here. It is up to men, good men, strong men, compassionate men, to draw a line in the sand and redefine what it means to be a man – and that can no longer include the reduction of women from their rightful place as leaders and partners in our society.”

Your right, women alone can’t solve it. But women who make false rape claims don’t help.
And don’t throw this good men rhetoric about.
Rightful place as leaders and partners? I don’t care what gender you are, but gender doesn’t mean a free ticket. It’s about being the best for the job, not your reproductive organs. It’s about using logic and reasoning not emotion left wing hypocritical knee jerk limp wrist reactions.


As a side note, you are aware that the KKK was a militant wing of the Democrat party? Killing people who supported the Republican Party, and black representation of the Republican Party.
The democrats just swapped racial oppression for Governmental Dependency.


Careful … we can’t be seen to discredit or question the aspiring “Islington set” do as I say not as I do lefties in British politics, that among its ranks has people for whom reality is a bizarre concept and isn’t what they like to be confronted with.

I know a lot of staunch lefties who did very nicely thank you very much out of right to buy and now moan that their kids can’t get a council house like they did, can’t afford to buy and have to pay extortionate private rent. When you make a comment highlighting what they took advantage of, they get snotty.