Cadet Forces Jobs - Interesting Opportunities

Saw this advertised. Looks like a really interesting position, albeit with our green cousins:


Saw this as well in the Sea Cadet Site

Could we perhaps have a thread on here for Cadet Forces -Paid Roles? Might boost site interest.

£32K in Central London :grimacing:

Ah but hybrid working so you can live remote & commute once a month.

Some hybrid working opportunities

Doesn’t sound like a once a month sort of thing to me!

I think they have a satellite office out at RAF cranwell. Interesting that it’s at the same wage as the ACF one.

Might be worth a punt for those looking at a different experience.

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Headquarters Royal Air Force Air Cadets Information Hub Administrator

£22,758 + 27% CS Pension = £28,902.66

edited to remove the fat fingered second 2

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Great rate, but I think you let the decimal point slip to the right.


What do people expect, these are MOD Civil Servant posts :man_shrugging:t2: and they will no doubt struggle to fill in Mid-Lincs.

I think I’d do it for £289k :sweat_smile:

I did think that this job would bring in more remuneration, its closed now just in case any of you were interested.

CS pay is messed up

IT portfolio role is up for 40k

The equivilant role at my company is closer to 90k


You’re daft if you go for a permanent contract within the Civil Service. I’ve recently been approached for contracting roles within the MOD paying nearly £500/day - and I’m not particularly senior in my field.

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One of the many reasons I left. When I started the lower pay compared to private sector was worth it for the work/life balance and level of work I was involved in. No way I would have been in the Supreme Court and CJEU with my experience in private practice. But as time went on the pay freeze and increased hours they expected shifted the balance. No longer worth it, especially if you expect to kick the bucket before getting near your pension.

Etone College in Nuneaton is looking for an SSI for their RAF section.

Appears to be just an RAF section with no other sections so room to expand.

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Yeesh. The idea of only being able to take your annual leave during school holidays yet still working year round… is horrible. Makes sense for teachers who get the whole of the holidays off. But if you only get 25 days, surely you should be able to pick when :sweat_smile:

Also slightly confused with how this works. Says opportunity to claim up to 51 paid training days via the MOD? So is that on top of the £27k salary? So can you go and do cadet training stuff on a ‘work day’ and then also claim remuneration on top? :thinking:

Yes as SSIs can claim VA for parade days which is why they get an enhanced number of days.

However if I understand what I’ve be told correctly, SSIs don’t have a rank so the claim rank is normally that of a Sgt unless also doing CFAV duties.

Huh, interesting! So in theory, the salary is more like £30700.70 then? The £27350 quoted, plus 51 days * 65.70?

SSI are entitled to a rank but don’t have to take one. (ours is currently an APO) but will always be paid at the same rate as Petty Officer (SCC), Sergeant (RM), Sergeant Major Instructor (ACF) which seems to fall between FS and WO for ATC.

Can’t find the current rates online but found this FOI from 2020


SSI Role currently being advertised:

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