Cadet Force Statistics 2020

Published this morning


Officially not the no1 cadet force any more

Interesting to see the increase in volunteers for us though.

what makes a CF number 1???

seconded and by 12% is significant given there was no campaign to recruit or special year to promote the RAFAC


I assume he was referring to the size of the cadet force, but naturally we are still the no# 1 cadet force in all other respects :wink:

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i could accept that but based on the numbers the ACF were larger thatn the RAFAC last year too…so lost at @AlexCorbin’s comment of “anymore”

And the year before that, and the year before that, and the year…

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With a staff:cadet ratio of 1:3.3, we shouldn’t have a shortage of staff. It doesn’t feel like that though. I wonder if the 11000 CFAV in the ATC includes committee members?

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I think you’re onto something. I would be surprised if all civ com members were included, but the rise does seem to correspond with the start of the “registered Civ Com”.

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Dont we get constantly get told we are the no 1 cadet organisation in the UK

I wondered if it now included staff cadets and that was the cause of the jump?

Looking at the 2019 biannual report.

2930 - Officers
1900 - WO & NCO’s
6000 - CI’s
4130 - CWC
720 - Chaplain’s

However those numbers are RAFAC rather than ATC.

told it yes - but only by the likes of CAC who would say that and doesn’t back it up with evidence

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Why is there so much about gender? Who cares?
The interesting thing for me is the cadet age graphs. where we and the ACF peak at around 13¾, is this because by this point we the ATC have told them fibs about what they can do and we’ve been found out. I’m sure this older a few years ago.

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I’m surprised there isn’t ethnicity stats too.

Although yes, the age distribution graph is interesting. Why is it that the Sea Cadets have a reasonably slow decline, while ours and the acf is much steaper?

There should be more stats for staff to see the breakdown, especially in terms of age and type. As I’m convinced the rise in the ATC is reg CWC.

These are Government sponsored organisations that are open to everyone and yet don’t attract an even spread.

It’s pretty obvious why they care about gender, and who the they is. It matters.

Those that don’t see that, don’t understand that, don’t care about that, are the ones who are out of touch.


As I’ve laid out above, from the April 19 numbers, there were 10,830 CFAV (Officers, WO, NCO’s and CI’s) and 4130 CWC and 720 Chaplains.

The increase of ~800 could well be because of reg civ com, so what?

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I regard Reg CWC as an anomaly which is contrary to everything that we are told about the relationship between the CWC and staff, ie as the OC I cannot vote on anything that goes on, yet now there are “staff” who can.

This gets into some of the nonsense of selecting people on some characteristic or other to appease a chart, rather than can they actually do it. Iy’s the sort of thing that comes up when a GE is in the offing and female only candidate lists to push up the number of women MPs. Having said that Margaret Thatcher was IMO aside from Winston Churchill the best PM we’ve had.
I’ve never been into this sort of eugenics, if you’re good enough you get a go, nothing else considered.