Cadet Direct producing Rank slides RAF Air Cadets


Ordered a set from Combat Logos, not sure about colour matches. Font size seems in between the two issues.


Send the photo to the guy who owns combat logos. He’s pretty good and will more than likely rectify the issue of colour and size


Cheers, may do. To be fair on the company, there’s probably a million different variants in the colour of the uniform items. It probably matches colour of some uniform perfectly!


Yes, I had a choice of being an officer or a CI but the fact remains that the whole rebadging exercise has been badly handled in terms or communication, consultation, design and implementation. The ranks slides look absolutely awful and regrettably will reflect badly on the AIr Cadet Organisation when seen in public. I am just surprised they haven’t made us wear “RAF AIR CADETS” below the rank brade on no.1 SD sleeves, but if the cadets are going to look like Boy Scouts, why not get the staff to match.

The Combat Logo slides I ordered in 5cm x 5cm have 5mm lettering instead of 7mm which is legal with the badge Police and dress regs, they are the correct width and look better than the cardboard official slides. They also do GP jacket dark blue slides on which the lettering is hardly visible and are less embarassing. I will probably only wear my GP jacket henceforth because the jumper and shirt slides are so cringeworthy. The sad fact is that if they had listened to the invited feedback of the “RAF AC” majority view which would have aligned with the ACF badging, all of this ill feeling could have been avoided - I am a volunteer officer, not a cadet and the public do not know who are staff now and who are cadets!


We are in the ATC we should have ATC as shoulder titles.
Normal rank braid, ATC pins already exist, jobs a goodin.

For the two winged master race(olive green) and field farft mob (MTP) embroidered all the way with ATC as per the new slides.

Every member of staff can make their own rank slides as stock of braid exists and enough money in the pot for one set of MTP for the whole corps. You could even argue that HQAC could get away with not even making MTP as everybody could just swop pins over.

Much less cost to the RAFAC and much smarter in blue uniform.
How hard can it be?


Obviously too hard for the blockheads who are in senior command positions to see.


Why have you got white rank slides and shirt? (I’m just a corporal, so I don’t know) Is it mess dress or something?


It’s a normal Wedgewood blue shirt, it just looks very pale in this photo due to lighting.


I’ve seen wedgewoods in one place that go from a good Josiah jasperware to a very pale blue, all issue shirts but over several years and contracts.


The dark blue GPJ ones are not allowed according to our WWO…


He’s just quoting the IBN and RC(N)


That’s correct, but they look so much nicer and actually professional.


Has anyone managed to source light blue ones which are a better colour match to the shirt?

As the summer approaches I’d really like a decent pair…


The shirts have such a variety of colour that i think you will be lucky.


Really? Recently our shirts have tended to the more blue and less grey but quite consistently so. Don’t get me started on jumpers, though…


Shirts range from a hazy blue sky to almost jasperware, when new, depending on the contractor at the time. Then there is the effect of washing.


So, I need to face reality and actually buy some MTP RAFAC slides. I’ve been holding off to let the dust settle a bit. Where is the best supplier? Is there an ‘official’ supplier for MTP?


The only official supplier for RAFAC slides (Officer & NCO) is Cadet Direct… however other sources are available but not sure how the price compares…


Alan at Combat Logos. Far better quality than cadet direct and he offers two types of MTP slide. One with the standard ‘RAF Air Cadets’ and the other which will give the badge police coronaries: ‘RAF AC’.

He’s slightly more expensive than CD but the quality is far superior.


I’m a big fan of Combat Logoa work, I have one of their blanking plates where they embroider the TRF direct onto the material before making it into a plate.

I also have one of their geeky notebook covers made out of blanking plates, it wasn’t cheap but I’ll spend money to be geeky.