Befriend a RAFA Veteran


What’s so wrong with not just plodding along with the nodding dogs and putting some other lines of thought out there? I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t consider other things, you come unstuck.

With parents in their 80s every birthday and Christmas is an extra and I am more than ready for the phone call and what comes after.

The most I’ve seen with this sort of thing are tea parties done by schools for OAPs, not visits to individuals in their own homes, if the experience I’ve seen through the RBL is anything to go by.


There’s a difference between a healthy cynicism and tying yourself in intellectual knots out of a need to be negative about everything.


Probably a symptom of the people I’ve worked with and jobs I’ve done.


A fair few years ago I organised a collection for a retirement home near the sqn. The idea was to do a small parade for the residents and present the home with a plaque and the results of our food collection tins non perishable stuff.I do remember one cadet bringing in a packet of frozen fish fingers !.
Anyhow whilst organising the event I discovered one of the residents had been a Lancaster air gunner in WW2. On the day myself and another member of uniformed staff went into the day room to meet the man. Unfortunately he saw me and thought his old SWO had come back to haunt him!.Thankfully everything went off ok and it was a great success and the cadets loved it.It opened up a great relationship between the home and the sqn.


That seems to sit with the sort of thing you see in the local rags, but this scheme seems to imply one on one visits.