BBC pay cuts


Pornography has a huge gender pay gap, in the woman’s favour.


That would be brilliant if they reported on that on the 6 o’clock news.

What a brilliant demo that would make, with the males in the profession waving placards etc.:wink:


What would they be waving them with…?


With aplomb!


Taking aside the “gender pay gap”. Is anyone else annoyed at how much they get paid? My TV license paid for those utter doorknobs.

What a joke. And quite frankly the BBC should be done for treason under theTreason Act 1351 with the further provisions of the Treason & Felony Act 1848. Taking handouts from the EU and stealing from the common law abiding UK citizen.


Without knowing what other broadcasters pay, it’s difficult to say if they are getting paid too much.

As for public sector pay too many get paid far too much in the public sector, regardless of gender.


Wasting public money oh the beeb is good at that. To be fair theyve had years of practice.How about the other morning I turned on the TV to be confronted by Ripon,Honneyford and Somerville all sunning themselves in Tenerife whilst supposedly hosting a consumer prog called Rip Off Britain.Why do they need to be in the Canary Islands to do this no doubt on jolly rates of pay and food and drink on tap?There was nothing in the items covered that couldnt have been done from the BBC studios in Manchester…Intrigued though I watched the progs first story concerning a woman and her family kicking off about having to pay for replacement flights/hotels etc after being stopped at security.Oh how they whinged until the airline and airport pointed out that these people had only allowed 6 minutes to catch their flight.Funny how the item was dropped like a hot potato at that point.


This is the same when all news networks seem to run coach trips of presenters to a ‘disaster’ to provide 24/7 cover, which normally means a 1 minute to camera every 15 minutes to try and stir up interest / drama. They should have no more than 2 people there and still deliver the same content.