AVIP Course "Incidental" expenses

But it seems in this day and age of electronic things, the ATC likes everyone to have a paper copy. At work it gets emailed to you afterwards. Even courses now don’t give you any more than bullet list for reference during the course and all gets emailed afterwards. Thankfully you still get pens and other stuff.

What do people do with the printed stuff they get? Anything I get, gets recycled in one way or the other.

If standard A4 paper was not so rough then there is only one option, with a hole in the corner and a string.

I’m sorry, but printing is NOT part of any incidental expense
if it needs to be printed then its a course and comes out of any training budget,
the fact it is mandatory means the organisation is duty bound to run and supply anything for it
that includes printed items

i give it to the animals for bedding :wink:

We have a budget? please give chapter and verse so I can take it to my WHQ and say “there not give me access to the photocopier and pay me for the 40 mile round trip to get to WHQ and back home. Alternatively please print this and post to my home address for the next course.”

I take it you have not been to WHQ?

our wing does…

yes I have been to our WHQ and had things copied for courses
no issues


it is arguably easier as we have a training facility (Squadron) near Wing so asking Wing to print off worksheets and handouts and the Course leader (WSO) dropping by to pick them up is not a drama

Increasingly, my experience in the RAF nowadays is that you get sent material and asked to print it off if you feel the need. I can do that at work though and I wouldn’t use my own printer at home (as I don’t have one).

Pity the ATC hasn’t caught up with the RAF.

Right, I’ve finally got an answer back.

It is to cover tea, coffee & biscuits so I’ve suggested the JI’s are re-written to inform candidates that “tea, coffee & biscuits will be available for a £2 charge” and put it under the messing section instead.

I’d be expecting some pretty spectacular tea, coffee and biscuits for £2/head.


Indeed, especially given that there were 30 people on the course.

My beef is that all candidates were told they had to pay a course fee - so how many pay this fee who don’t partake of hot beverages? And moreover, where does the surplus cash go?

The last point is one of my beefs with things like this and the spare bits as well.
I would say that the most it would cost for a course of 30 is £15, of course economy of scale brings it down.
£5 for a jar of coffee
£1 for a box tea bags
£3 for milk (6 pints)
£5 for biscuits as most supermarkets have things on special and you only buy own brand biscuits, unless you’re my mum!.


Sounds about right, and works out at ~£0.50 per person.