Annual Health & Safety Inspection



How much of that is a global policy and how much just the opinion of a specific H&S guy?


We were told to hold physical copies as well as the digital, but you can have a cover sheet for annual renewal.


Entirely fair point, to which I don’t honestly know the answer.

Much of what we had in our file was very old and had been replaced with newer procedures, it was definitely safe to go. The question of whether or not physical copies of RAs need to be held is probably up for debate!


I don’t think physical copied need to be on file, nor individually signed so long as there is a master record of update that is signed when reviewed instead. I guess that physical copies will be needed on site to brief from.

What other people think might differ.


Makes for easier referencing and insurance against tech issues - could be the argument in favour…


I hold physical copies for the standing risk assessments, as it makes it far more likely that people will actually read them!


This makes a mockery of health and safety.
HQAC should issue each sqn a simple folder with A FEW blanks to fill in. Job done.

Why do we have to as volunteers waste our time prinitng off the twitter queens latest voew on things for the wall. Or school boy defense secretarys opinion.

Waste of time.


Spot on make H&S simple and people just do it, start making it burdensome and people don’t do it or do it when they have to.
Why we have to do a walk around inspection every month loses me. I have yet to see anything change so dramatically in a month at the squadron. If it does, Wing know about it as it will be something broken and they need to organise getting it fixed. We do walk arounds every 4 months at work, nothing much changes and we only keep the current one. Not as the ATC would like which is the last 12, I only keep the current one and previous 2 on a rolling basis.


Agreed, a month does seem like overkill for a building that’s generally occupied for less than 24 hours in total each month.


What’s interesting to note is that, in a shared building, the work load is essentially being duplicated with both the ACF AND ATC doing it.


Do each other’s findings and so on tally?


Whats more interesting is that (in my old county) 90% of the work done for the ACF inspection is done by full time staff at county level.