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Could you tell me is there any rule that says ACF and ACT Staff can’t go on camp together does it have to be just ACT for ACT camps and ACF for ACF camps or can we help each other out? Especially when annual leave entitlement is so precious. and we are supposed to be fostering the tri-service ethos.

E.G. Can a ACF officer request, or be asked to accompany a ACT camp and viceverser ACT to ACF camp.

Look forward to your answer.


In 2008/2009 I took 30 ATC cadets to annual camp. I believe they were from No1 Welsh Wing. It was part of a scheme proposed by 160Bde to foster inter-service co-operation. I should clarify I was ACF.

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Our Wg recently put out a request for uniformed ATC staff to accompany an ACF Camp this summer.

I did an ACF Camp as an ATC cadet along with a few others (including a WO (ATC) and an RAF SI), would have been around 2001/02.

Good to know thanks for replying.

I know of a few ATC folk with AT quals who’ve supported ACF camps (and vice versa) - pretty sure theres a dedicated Facebook group for that very purpose too!

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Not quite the same but I’ve had more claims for VA this year attending Army section camps than RAF and no issues at all other than the standard banter you expect. We also rely on the 2Lt to do the minibus for AEF visits as they always fall on her non teaching day.

Must of been before I joined as a cadet :wink:

Yeah if invited feel free to attend!

there were two ACF Cadets at RIAT this year and i know in the past there have been ACF Staff too.

this year saw more CCF Staff than I have seen in the past too…

No, no rule against it.

Many thanks.

Shouldn’t be an issue although sometimes the way qualifications are recorded and checked can be a problem (as they are on different systems - the qualifications themselves are the same).

I know of a ACF cadet from Llandovery College CCF flew at 1AEF when the ATC CCF had flying slots.

No such thing (you mean CCF(Army) and CCF(RAF)).

Would be grateful if you could PM me about that…

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