4G and 5G Broadband (and Starlink)

That tends to be because they’ve put pico cells in to cover blackspots. Glastonbury have mobile pico cells installed across the site during the festival for example

Only worth it if you’re with EE. I was at Glasto two years ago and barely had signal all week on Three. My mate on EE had almost perfect 5G the whole time :sweat_smile:

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Ordered Monday, Starlink kit arrived today.

Really impressive delivery time, but I wish they had stuck to their 1-2 week promised timeframe as today was the only day where I’ve not been working from home…

Going to have fun trying to set it up this weekend.

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Take notes, we could add it to the WAN-LAN course!

If Starlink isn’t in there then it should be. There are quite a few knocking about in the org now so easy to get access.


I’m now trying to establish the precise technical differences between a mesh WiFi system, and my current secondary router which is set-up on the same SSID & password as my primary router, providing a seamless transition between connections when I move around the house.

Everyone seems to be saying how brilliant mesh is, but I’m not seeing any real benefit over (eg) a WiFi bridge.

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True mesh offer backhaul management, resilient links, single point of configuration, client hand off control etc that 2 routers working individually won’t.


^ and doesn’t need a wired connection to all access points?

What @bob1 says

So the IP over Power thingymaboby is working a treat…hit 30mbps in my office today a whole increase of like 26mb.

Going to have to buy a couple more extenders though, signal drops out in the bedroom and lounge


Do you mean power line ethernet?

I run a cable to my “home office” into a power line adaptor, then cable into my pc and power line to bedroom WiFi point.

Well, that’s a lot better.



Mines being pretty speedy tonight.

Grim. I was getting a steady 7.8 this morning!

Virgin Media at ~ 30 a month

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2023-11-23 20_42_21-Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Meanwhile in rural North Wales.

Meanwhile in one of Europe’s largest urban conurbations, I’m racing @Horriblelittletechie to the bottom:

One can dream

I spent many, many years on ADSL over rotting copper and even aluminium lines capable of 1-2Mbps at best. To keep this on topic, I actually changed to a 4G router as soon as I could secure an unlimited data deal (actually, topically, a black friday deal from Three a number of years ago) which took me up to 30Mbps. That worked well in a rural area to begin with, as there was very little contention, but over the course of a few years it really degraded to the point that in peak times the ping would reach as bad as 500+. So if ping speeds are important to you, especially in the early evenings, 4G may not be a great solution.

And then they decided, after multiple missed targets and promises that left my little village in a total fibre to the cabinet blackspot surrounded by smug neighbours, to take us straight to fibre to the premises. The dream had come true, and 1Gbps was mine. So worth the wait.

I only have M125 Fibre Broadband yet getting these speeds. Other that saying it here, I’m not saying it anywhere else :nerd_face:

Watch me jinx my speeds now.