223 (Halesowen) squadron or better yet the lack of!



@anonymous, the forum, attitude, and safeguarding situation have been addressed above, so here’s a bit of a different view and some constructive advice…

As a member of staff one a small-ish, understaffed Squadron, I know that it takes A LOT of work to keep a Squadron going when when that load is unable to be shared. Oftentimes there isn’t enough time to do all at the work on unit and it has to be done at home - that’s a 3rd/4th/5th night after a full day at work and sometimes time taken at weekends as well, in addition to any attendance at weekend staff or cadet training, camps, trips to crantanamo, etc.

Sometimes a night or two of discussion and little action is required in order to plan. Sometimes you’re caught up with the work or just need a break from it! Also remember that while you’re friends with other cadets and will take some time to catch up and chat egg, the staff too are friends and may take some time to be a little social - the alternative is Squadron closes and we go to the pub instead.

I would say that if things are still happening, then the staff are doing something with their time. We can’t offer everything, but our cadets are working through their classifications, first aid training, MOI, Fieldcraft, going flying, shooting, attending band and sports, leadership blue badge and radio blue badge, going on camps and extra trips, public volunteering, and more. Sometimes we have to rely on the NCOs and senior cadets - especially and preferably those with MOI - to help us deliver this.

There may be problems, and I’ve often found myself frustrated about my sector or wing, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and move on before banging your head against that particular brick wall leads you to, er, have a bit of a meltdown…

To.some advice on how to get things done:

  • Evidence. Have evidence and specific examples.
  • Remain calm and professional. Even if you don’t like or respect someone, play the game.
  • Be the bigger person. By becoming emotional and petty you lose all respect from others and any hope of being listened to or finding a sympathetic ear (see the responses above).
  • Use the CoC. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Keep going until the effort isn’t worth it or you’re put firmly in your place - there a comes a point where the time and effort isn’t worth it.
  • Leave the ego behind, especially when questioning authority, and especially when commenting as an outsider. Learn first - why is it like this? What jobs does x person actually do? If you don’t understand what you’re criticising then you’re not commenting with any kind of authority.

…you might know your squadron (or more specifically, how one staff team operated a Squadron), but it’s unlikely you know how to run A Squadron. They may be outsiders, but your staff are experienced.

  • Don’t go public. You neglect pretty much all of the above.


Slightly against what I’ve said above, I’ve decided to try to break your post down to highlight some of the problems with it. My intention is that you learn from this experience and don’t just get a torrent of non-constructive “don’t do this…don’t do that…who do you think you are?..”. My comments are a reaction as a reader of your words and not a criticism on you as a person.



…if wanting advice from a public forum, keep it genuinely anonymous. You come across as trying to start a revolution and you’ve alienated a lot of people from your cause - especially your staff and definitely your Wing Commander - that’s asking for trouble. True whistle-blowers have facts and evidence of genuine wrongdoing.

…if this isn’t you, you’ve dropped them in it as well.

…good for them. The success of others is to be congratulated, not begrudged.

Good for them. Something to put on their CV. The RAFAC is about developing young people and their skills - if a group of cadets are able to organise that then they should be praised, not used as a stick to beat others with. Maybe this was a deliberate exercise?

Unfortunate, we don’t know the cause of that. Which online method? I’ve never heard of that… It’s a problem, but you can’t apportion blame. The way through that is to flag it to whoever can resolve it. Inclusion here is an attempt to bolster your position, but it’s not really relevant.

Unprofessional and off-putting.

Evidence? How could you know. The Squadron is open, staff turn up, cadets do things. There’s some counter evidence right off the bat.

So you don’t actually know? This is all third hand? So you’ve gotten annoyed and produced a rant based off of someone else’s impartial annoyed rant? That’s not a solid foundation to build an argument.

Pretentious, Unprofessional, unfounded.

Potentially genuinely problematic if true, but “need to know” is a big theme in any hierarchy.

Running the squadron happens in the background. Bossing the cadets around and delivering lessons is not it.

Breach of Corps policy if true and potential safeguarding issue.

… REALLY? You’re using a patronising familiar term in an address to an audience of strangers and professionals with a lot more life experience than you?

Seriously? I mean, it’s a problem if your WHQ is audited or inspected, but that’s their problem. Are you really complaining about that?! They’re a pain!

OK, a potential issue of Man and resource management and NCOs should be and feel empowered, but at this point you’ve unfortunately lost your credibility.

Look up the definition of rant and think about if it seems like a good method for having a legitimate complaint listened to with a sympathetic ear.

You should have parked the JCB a long time ago. Again, this is just petty and in no way constructive.

Don’t. Not like this. Just no.

Having pretty much missed this first time through… WOW. That’s a very big claim that you had better be able to back up. Accusations like that can land you in far deeper trouble than the hole you’ve dug for yourself up until this point. Seeing the word “corruption” has really annoyed me. I hope for your sake that you’ve used the wrong word for what you intended to say.

There is no evidence or even implication that anything you’ve said is anything but opinion and conjecture.


Truly troubling post… I know this is not the right place for such things but I hope things pickup a little for the Squadron. I see a some bashing going on through the replies and clearly, Anonymous, is new to protocol and what should be put out in the public domain.

Anonymous, I can see your frustration but urge you to report the child protection issue as previously stated by others. This is probably a genuine case of communications happening without thinking about it. You will not get in to trouble for reporting it and you can obviously withhold you name if worried about what might happen.

Would it be that hard to go to your staff I/C and talk about what you see happening? You need to be respectful when discussing and also mindful that a Squadron doesn’t just run itself. Suggestions on how things could change are better than bashing to poor guy with a long list of “you all do this” type statements. Offers of help and ideas will go down far better.

I will say that this situation is recoverable, there have been Squadron’s in far worse situations (yes honestly) that have thrived from good leadership and cadet involvement. Don’t give up on the Squadron now, try and work with the staff to put it right.

Of course everything I have said is on the massive assumption that you’re a cadet and apologies if I got this wrong.


I find it curious that the OP hasn’t commented on any of the responses to his original post, bar an early one.

Maybe he found that not all the staff community find the immature rantings of a young cadet who clearly thinks he knows best how to run his unit, a reason to break out the flaming torches and pitchforks.


“Now one of these SGTs has however been apart of this squadron longer than all but one member of the current staff team (so probably knows more about the squadron and the best wayto go about things with it)”

So you then…



I’ve closed this. I don’t think we’re going to get any further and there’s plenty of advice here for the OP to use if they want to.